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Genres: Electronic / Club

Location: Portland, OR

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Members: Jason Bernert

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DJason started his mash-up career in the winter of 2008 as a side project to the mainstream alternative rock bands he was associated with. The artist was inspired by the work of Gregg Gillis and how easy it must be to do what he does.


DJ'ason operates under Title 17 of US code, the Fair Use clause, of U.S. Copyright Law.

If you're mad that I'm using your stuff, let me know. Especially you Kanye.


  • Fatima'Ex-oh 'Ex-oh' Aleshoutanever Motala said:
    Oct 18
  • NismoR said:
    you're fuckn crazy, very good ! ++ P.S.: Could you write down the song what have used? For Example what's the song in the Turning on Vampires, after 1:30 (after Afroman's little sounds) Aug 25
  • Marla said:
    make moreee Aug 19
  • ?BATWING said:
    genius. Jun 20
  • Alyssa Logie said:
    you are amazinggggggggggggggg May 23
  • Jet said:
    So, umm. I'm kinda in love with this. ^_^ May 15
  • ScenicShannon said:
    brilliant :) May 02
  • xxxposerxxx said:
    hey that's awesome duth!!! u just started fucked up my speakers May 01
  • willshellz said:
    my dude, czech my mashes...they're nowhere as nice as these, but just tell me how you like it.... www.purevolume.com/sandboxczar Apr 30
  • alma_de_musica said:
    Pretty Sweet stuff mate! My brother's also a DJ out in Seattle Apr 20
  • Christina said:
    your mixes have changed my life....incredibly. Apr 18
  • Stevo said:
    Mashin' it up like potatoes in gravy! Apr 18
  • Jenny said:
    Brometheus Vs Brodran is so cool! and I love turning on vampires. Genius. Apr 17
  • Listening to music daily said:
    I love this! :D Its amazing! WONDERFUL MUSIC! :) Apr 17
  • Erica said:
    wonderful. Apr 17

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Jun 09, 2013

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Nov 17, 2008


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