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Grief and Bereavement Resources, Grief Social Network, and Memorial Products to Honor Your Departed Family member. The loss of a loved one is amongst the most emotionally trying experiences we will all endure. Were committed to helping you honor the life of your departed family and friends and keep their memory alive inside your heart.

Cremation is both a classic tradition and current popular replacement for burial. Cremation is a common ritual which has been practiced for thousands of years. Today, while it's customary to bury our dead, a lot more people are looking into cremation as a reasonable alternative. Cremation jewelry pendants look just like a normal piece of jewelry, but have a very repository for storing handful of cremation ashes or other sentiments. Many families choose to use other sentimental stuff like a lock of hair, dried flowers, or burial soil instead of cremated ashes. The repository is simply accessible by removing a sealed plug or screw, keeping the contents safe, even if it is worn often. Cremation jewelry is also known memorial jewelry, memory jewelry, or remembrance jewelry. Likewise, Cremation pendants are also known as memorial pendants, memory pendants, or remembrance pendants.

Cremation Jewelry

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Posted Jan 07, 2016 at 7:12am