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Kansas City Custom Home Builders

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Kansas City Custom Home Builders

My name's Wes and this is Jan. We're Kansas City custom home builders. We got to Kansas City area probably 20, twenty five years ago and we've been working here. We've built so many homes we pretty well lost count about how exactly many. We create a spectacular product and our customers say the same. I know there are a lot of builders in town but I'm a little different within this fact. If you'll just check the box over there, give us your email, we'll send you the information that you need, I'm going to give you some should ask and frequently asked question. In this particular video series, you will understand the following: How to pick your Kansas City custom home builder. The best way to determine the structure budget, And it is really an important one, what interview questions that you ought to ask Kansas City custom home builders. Various ways the you are able to pay your builder. In order to justify building yourself, and questions that you need to ponder. I'm distinctive from other builders. The reason that I'm different is because I am, number one, completely qualified to build the house myself, without subcontractors. What that does, that gives you the opportunity to believe in builder that he knows what's going on. He's failing to get the information through the subcontractors, he's capable of giving the data to the subcontractors. What you ought to look for, everything you certainly want to look for, is really a builder, not just a broker. And also the distinction between a builder as well as a broker is it: Anybody can be a broker. They can create a phone call, call a sub, have him do the work, mark it up, give you a bill. That's an agent. I'm not really a broker. I'm a builder. I will actually be at the job every day looking out to your interests. I cannot build as many houses as a broker can build because I'm actually on the job, I'm monitoring it personally and I'm heavily involved,. That is one of the significant features of a builder over a broker. An agent can build 50 houses per year. But let me ask a question. Can he monitor 50, 60 men on 50, 60 houses a year? I don't think so. If you should choose to use me, you're gonna find that I'm gonna hand you an entire package of service, when you first come to me as your builder. In order to build the home you want, I'm gonna show you what steps you need to make. I'm inside a get you in contact with the best people. We're going to help you in financing. Jan is my partner in this particular business and she's far better at areas of it than I am going to be.

One of the things which i assistance with is actually all the financial and coordinating the communication between the banking or mortgage company and the title company and the buyer as well as the contractor. Another part i assist with is definitely the contract, the alteration orders, the lien waivers and also the bill paying. Using the bill paying, I ensure that the bills are paid promptly and we get all the discounts for them, and along with that, when I write from the checks, there's a lien waiver on the back in order that the company is actually being sure that all things are paid as well as the customer can be reassured that there won't be any problems later with the bills not being paid. One more thing that I assist with is assisting people know which place to go to choose such things ascarpet and tile, appliances. We also have a contract using the people what their allowances will be. If they want to choose appliances that are very, very expensive, they can, but we've allowed so much in the contract for that, in other words. One more thing that I assistance with is the communication between all of the different people. I help respond to questions from the buyer. Furthermore, i find out solutions to their questions and assist the communication among everybody that's involved.

Whenever you perform a project such as this which can be complex enough that we now have all kind of different things that should be done. She also takes care of the insurance in the projects. That way, no matter what, we're always covered. There won't be any surprises. I and Jan both will engage in the permitting process. We'll be fulfilling all of the cities or even the county's local code's requirements. We all do framing. We do drywall. We do brick and stoneblock and brick and concrete. Perform foundations. Perform painting. Home improvement or remodeling contractors, we can help you with that, if you are looking for Kansas City custom home builders. I would like to thanks for exploring the website. And I would like to encourage you to proceed to push a few of the buttons and they can explain to you different videos, teach you different things. It becomes an interesting place to be. There's plenty of information within this website. Welcome. Have fun.


Posted Dec 13, 2013 at 11:42pm