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Tips And Tricks For Getting The most from Your Speckled Trout Fishing

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It is common for fishermen to help make the mistake of treating the speckled trout want it is a member of the trout family. When they have similar physical characteristics, the speckled trout actually belongs to the same family of fish since the Redfish and Weakfish. Therefore, you'll not find them "hanging out" in the same location as real members of the trout family.

speckled trout fishing south padre island

Where Will I Find Them?

The simplest way to find a great place for speckled trout fishing would be to keep your line cast within the Gulf of Mexico. While they are salt water fish, most of them tend to cluster around inshore locations Generally, fishermen have luck finding them in grassy areas for example bays, bayous and flat areas with a lot of vegetation. While it is more widespread to see these guys hanging out in Louisiana, or perhaps in Galveston bay, there have been sightings as high up as the Virginia coast.  speckled trout fishing south padre island

Once You've Found A Location, It's going to Stay The Same Throughout That Colony Of Fish's Life.

Getting a colony of speckled trout will be a one time job. Unlike other creates that inhabit the ocean, the speckled trout does not migrate. Once it's found a location to reproduce and find food, it stays there forever. You can go back to the same location every time you feel like taking a few speckled trout home.

What's The Best Bait For Speckled Trout Fishing?

Many fishermen agree living bait tends to draw in the most fish. There's something about the smell of the bug, fish, or whatever you have, that draws the creatures in. Speckled trout appear to be attracted to shrimp more then any other meal.

It's important to use a lightly weighted Carolina Ring when trying to catch this type of fish. This will submerge the shrimp underwater. Most speckled trouts choose to hangout at the bottom of the river. Having your shrimp located on the surface won't attract them. However, they actually do swim closer to the very best in the morning.

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It's Time To Go Speckled Trout Fishing

As we're heading into cooler weather, the speckled trout are trying to find deeper bodies water. Be sure that you hit the bay next few months. Otherwise, you'll simply be able to find these guys in gross, grassy, shallow areas. Put simply, it's time to go fishing!


Posted Nov 16, 2015 at 11:25am