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10 Ways Granite Countertops Add Value to Your Home

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10 Ways Granite Countertops Add Value to Your Home

In terms of adding value to your home there are very few investments as beneficial as granite countertops. Granite countertops, especially those installed in the kitchen can be the ensure it is or break it factor for getting or selling any home.countertops kansas city mo


When properly sealed and maintained, granite countertops are virtually scratch, stain, and chip resistant. Few other material could make that boast save diamond.

Maintenance is comparatively simple, typically not requiring greater than domestic hot water plus a soft cloth, and periodic re-sealing, which tends to be about annually. Since no special soaps are necessary to clean off stubborn stains, this could help you save money.

Granite is durable enough to allow food prep for example cutting vegetables on its surface. Cutting boards can harbor bacteria with time because they accumulate grooves and indentions from repeated use. This does not happen with granite since many knives are not made of adequate tensile strength to complete any injury to the stone.

The cool stone surface is fantastic for prepping and kneading dough for any and all baking projects. This could add joy to the holidays if you enjoy baking.

It really is heat resistant, and therefore if you fail to make use of a heat pad when placing hot pans directly on its surface you need not worry about burn damage. And also this applies to leaving a styling curler about the counter in the bathroom if your countertops there be made of granite too.

Granite countertops often give a minimum re-sale worth of 10 % to your house, and can add around twenty-five percent from the retail price towards the appraisal value of your house. While there are no guarantees on specific numbers, it's clear that there's a marked increase, and never a decrease over a well-installed countertop.

Because of the way granite forms naturally having its variations of colours, vein variations, and added flecks no two countertops are alike, making each one distinctive and unique. How many other top features of a home provide practical use while also coming near to being a thing of beauty?

The cost-effectiveness of granite is viewed in the installation cost versus the longevity of the stone. With easy maintenance it'll outlast other options that come with your home. It won't degrade, or break as a result of aging.

Granite countertops give a sense of elegance to the kitchen or bathroom using their stone appeal and custom edging. The rich tones including earthy with a more colorful variations can complement a wide range of decorating styles, and offer the right accent or focus according to preference.kansas city Countertops Granite

Granite slabs could be cut to allow customization with sink and faucet designs to get a one of a kind look, giving your house unique value. It's also easy to have particular cuts built to hold soap dispenses for really refinement.


Posted Oct 13, 2014 at 7:24am