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Home Nudist Asks How To Be Casually Naked in Front of Surprise Visitor

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Home Nudist Etiquette:
Home Nudist - We received an interesting question the other day in an e-mail about going naked on one's own property. I thought I'd share my answer and also share this with the community to get others' ideas on this also!
Here's what the e-mail said (it was from a guy):
"I 'm most comfy while nude, [my wife], not too much. We've got a big and rather private property. I 'm still attempting to prevent the 'run and hide' feeling when an unexpected visitor arrives. Choices? Run and hide. Carry a wrap. (Seems kind of slow on my property.) Approach the visitor? Then what do I say? Really don't mind being seen nude, simply would like a appropriate reply when it occurs."
My reply:
"Well, it is a good question about etiquette. Societal norms would dictate which you cover up every time, but it can be your own (private) property, and most folks can handle nudity given enough time to fix.
Home Nudist

It is difficult to predict how any visitor will respond, although I imagine that can rely on how well your visitors understand you! haha. You could only approach them bare and after that place something on if they seem to be uncomfortable. Knowing the individual approaching is uncomfortable with it, you then could go and fetch something to put on, asking them to wait while you go catch something. They can always look away for the time being.
That would look less cumbersome compared to the 'run and hide,' which I will picture also leading to paranoia, where you had always feel like you have to be on guard, on your own property. And it gives the impression that you simply're doing something wrong / black, which you're not, as there's nothing wrong with hanging out naked at home. If you act composed and casual about it, then that can help show them that it's not a big deal. It's possible for you to tell them you simply like to be nude because it is more comfortable.
You could also put up a sign on your property that says family nudists like, 'You are entering a clothing-optional zone.' "
The home nudist answered that he had in fact already placed a sign at the entrance to his property, but still felt a little paranoid.
What would you believe? In case you are a household nudist, what can you do when an unexpected visitor finds you by surprise?
By the way, here we're discussing visitors showing up on private property, but you might be wondering about the legality of being nude in your backyard in case you are visible to neighbors / passers-by. It really varies by state, therefore it is wise to look up your local nudity laws. In some (or most?) states it's legal as long as you have a fence around you or other barrier. Take a look at this discussion on AskANudist.com to see how others handle it: "Regulations on Backyard Nudism?"
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Posted Dec 19, 2016 at 5:53am