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Collective Dreams

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Genres: Other / Indie / Experimental

Location: San Antonio, TX

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4 tracks

Members: Caleb Barber-Guitar, Kyle Cooper-Keyboard, Travis Hildenbrand-Drums, Benjamin Rodriguez-Bass, Albert Salinas-Guitar

In a journey that has been marked by struggles amidst successes, Collective Dreams has always, and will always, be about one thing: music. Music is life manifested in sound. We make music to communicate ideas and experiences that words cannot. Each member of our band lives life deeply, fully digesting the human experience; what people hear when they listen to our music are the things that we hold most dear, that we consider the most important.

Each of us has a place in the Dream. We all have things we value, goals we want to attain, ideals that we live by. It is all of us together, all of our experiences, all of our ideas, that make life what it is. Through connecting with people outside ourselves, we are able to gain perspective. Through understanding life multiple perspectives, we become more aware of who we are and what our place is in the Dream.

The way we feel most connected to each other and all people is through playing music. Anyone who listens to our music is allowing us to share a part of our lives with them, and a part of their life with us; and for that all of you have our sincerest thanks.



Collective Dreams

Mar 13, 2012


Dec 14, 2010


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