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What's in a Web page

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What's in a squeeze page? First and foremost it is a very good marketing tool if done right. But what is the structure of your landing page and how do you use it in the advertising process?"

Reason for Landing Page

The basic reason for a landing page in web marketing is to motivate, to inform, to persuade and to sell the product or service or service to the visitor that landed on the well-designed page. That sounds great.

To begin constructing your website landing page, you need to consider page structure, what you are saying, and your keywords within the total mix. Should you choose it right you're going to get sales, or convince anyone to fill out a form or survey, etc. I'm sure you get my meaning.

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Structure of a Landing Page

When a visitor follows your landing page, he/she should understand the following structure.


The headline must do three important things:

· Grabs the eye of the visitor

· States the objective of the page

· Compliments and coincide together with your banner or ad

You've got only one moment to post the attention of the visitor, thus, the heading should entice your reader to continue on to the next paragraph or subheading. So choose what you are saying, font style (Arial, Verdana are good choices), font size in your favor.

And remember, if the headline won't compliment or coincide with your banner or ad, they, your audience, are gone.

Body Structure

Your body should consist of the subsequent:

1) Paragraphs -- Paragraphs should be short with white space. Why? Many people will hit a web site, but not read it in its entirety. Then what do they actually do? They scan the page. That literally brings me to the next important portion of a land page--sentences.

2) Sentences - First, sentences must be short, snappy, too the purpose, and without twenty dollar words. You have to assume scanners come in a hurry; they want the knowledge as fast as you can provide them with it without putting them to sleep, and without needing to pull out a dictionary.

Second, the very first sentence of every paragraph should contain the summary of the paragraph. "A Call To Action"(Buy Now! Try Now!) should appear during the entire body of your copy, and also, at the top and bottom of your page.

Bold subheadings - Bold subheadings should find out the topic of the paragraph or paragraphs that rest within the subheading. This will allow the skimmer to read or skip the paragraph - in search of the information they are most considering.

3) Bulleted Information - Bulleted info is a lifesaver. Bullets help condense copy into short, thorough, easy to read, sentences without being boring. Utilize them.

According to Eyetrack III Research, an inferior typeface encourages more focused reading, while larger type encourages scanning. With this little tidbit of data, you may want to experiment with font size by the body processes of your copy.

As you can tell from the structure from the body, we are hunting for a tight-written page with well-defined bold subheadings and bulleted information - to ease the scanner/reader through the copy without having him/her click away.

Things To Consider

· Place the most important information above the fold.

· Avoid distracting material within the sidebars. If the information from the sidebars distracts the visitor - focus the skin loses and that could mean a lost sale.

· Add pictures or a form if relevant, but be mindful about size.
Keywords and SEO

As with every other web page on your own site, keywords are very important. Your landing page content have to be keyword rich, however, not keyword stuffed, for the search engines and your targeted traffic to find you.

As soon as the content is completed, then you should make sure that you optimize your web page for the search engines. Images should have an alt tag description. Attempt to describe your images with specific descriptions. Example: In case you have a picture of a Schnauzer, put 'alt=Schnauzer', not 'alt="dog"'--Go for the specific description not the generic. Why? Once you do a search, would you try to find dog or Schnauzer? In many instances, I would bet about the Schnauzer.

PPC, SEO and Keywords

If you're writing your squeeze page for a Google Ad (PPC advertising), again, make sure that your landing page is relevant on your keywords and to the text of your ads. There's 2 reasons to heed these tips: 1) Your traffic will close this article and go elsewhere to get the information they are seeking; 2) Google will penalize you.

It's also advisable to optimize your web page for any searches men and women will conduct through the search engines. Yet, another avenue to quality traffic. However, if you should use several squeeze pages for the same product, with slight wording variations, it will be wise to index only the general landing page and possess your robots meta tag include a "NOFOLLOW" so they won't be indexed - this may prevent the search engines from incurring duplicate copy penalties.

Ppc New Algorithm for Landing Pages

Google now assigns quality scores to squeeze pages, to determine the positioning, pricing, as well as other factors. A recent alteration of Google's algorithm for landing pages affected many established websites. This transformation caused hardships for many, for others it closed their business.

Thus, if you do not want to be penalized with higher bid prices to your keywords, or a change in page positioning of one's ad you should follow keep the following information at the back of your mind when having a landing page.

1) Relevant content

2) Links to page offering relevant and accurate information associated with ad

3) Your squeeze page should have at least 500 words (that isn't much).

4) Remove all AdSense ads in your landing page.

Testing Your Squeeze page

Testing your website landing page is important. You will need to tweak your copy over a continual basis until you feel comfortable with the copy which is providing the results you desire.

To conclude, landing pages has to be your best friend or your worst enemy. Set it up correctly, follow the rules, and it will be your successful friend for life.


Posted Jun 27, 2015 at 1:10am