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Clairely Now

Really looking forward to the Gryphon D'or Oct 4th


Genres: Blues / Folk / Bluegrass

Location: Montreal, QC

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4 tracks

Clairely Now is an acoustic folk/blues singer-songwriter & recording artist from the eastern-most tip of Newfoundland. Clairely Now's upbringing amongst traditional folk music players and the folkloric landscape of Newfoundland and Labrador has molded a songwriter of pragmatic poetry and a singing style reminiscent of the sea.

Clairely Now's debut CD, From the Kitchen of Clairely Now [Shoestring Studios, 2009] features traditional folk songs from Newfoundland and its roots. With a powerful voice and stunning guitar fingering Clairely's arrangements of classics like The Next Market Day and Geordie move audiences both young and old. For many, this album may be an introduction to important songs of long ago: histories of struggle and hardship; love and loss.

Clairely is currently composing and recording her second full length album 18.93 Metres of my Fibre which is anticipated to be released in the autumn of 2011. She's inspired by wants and needs, hunger and fear, and the future. Expect great arrangements, moving beats, and truth as Clairely Now's distinctive voice whirls and eddies around her next EP, 18.93 Metres of my Fibre.