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Four famous Russia artists hold oil painting exhibition in Hangzhou, China

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Four famous Russia artists hold oil painting exhibition in Hangzhou, China
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April 20, 2015-China-More than 30 pieces of contemporary fine paintings from four famous Russia's artists are exhibited in Hangzhou, Zhejiang of China. The theme of this exhibition is the "embrace the true nature" and the main style of this time��s works is landscapes and still life with the typical Russian reality style. 

As the introduction of famous cheap canvas prints supplier cjprints.com, four artists from Russia were all awarded by the "People's artist" and "Meritorious artist". They also went to those countries such as France, United States, South Korea, Japan and other countries to carry out academic exchanges and organized exhibitions. Their masterpieces have high academic value, inheritance system and a wide range of academic exchange research value.

The artists from www.cjprints.com said that the Russian oil painting has more than 300 years of history and occupies an extremely important position in the pantheon of world painting. During the past 100 years, Russia oil painting already played far-reaching impact on the development of Chinese painting.

The four artists in this exhibition do not only have the solid basic skills for realistic painting but also have the wealth of imagination and creativity. Their exhibited works witnessed Russia Oil development and change course.

Among those four artists, the Roma Vuk could be regarded as the most famous one. By farm, he is the youngest Russian "People's Artist". His works in this exhibition owns fresh, elegant style and superb scenery depicts. On the other hand, the soft and bright colors also help to depict the charming countryside views.

By the introduction of the artist from canvas printing online
supplier cjprints.com, these paintings in this exhibition could not only reflect the mood of the picture but also like the Athens of the wind. In a world, the wholly atmosphere could be regarded as the high literary feeling and perfectly harmonious.


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Posted May 04, 2015 at 8:44am