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  • Zapyaforpc1 said:
    Nice song it is. Thanks for this. Zapya : Download Zapya for PC Zapya Zapya free download Zapya download Zapya apkZapya for MacZapya for ios Zapya app to share files and folders Feb 17
  • Anica said:
    Hey,You should give " Like Giants" a chance and check them out. Amazing music, & Amazing guys! Click Like, and tell me what you think. Pass the word, and tell your friends about them. thanks XOXO http://www.facebook.com/likegiantsmusic Nov 27
  • Jeri said:
    boss walked in on me chair dancing to raisins. thanks circus lol. Aug 29
  • Adam Carney said:
    I love your music. Aug 28
  • Rich said:
    I listen to Preacher when I shower. Aug 23
  • Francis Grillo said:
    Amazing! I love you guys! :D Aug 21
  • Amanda said:
    Hey Guys! Keep up the good work. :) Aug 20
  • Manoela Veiga said:
    wow you guys are awesome Aug 20
  • xlove1 said:
    Hey. Anyone on http://gothise.com too? Add me there please! My nick there is xlove1 ... Aug 19
  • Emma Jaye said:
    And today "Raisins" made it to #24. Woo! Aug 19
  • Mike said:
    Sounds great, fun stuff Aug 18
  • Rich said:
    Damn. Aug 18
  • Mrsmuckandfuss said:
    I'm leaping over the moon,lov-it,lov-it,lov-it,,lov-it Aug 18
  • Emma Jaye said:
    "Raisins" is #49 in top songs for signed and unsigned artists :) Aug 18
  • Rick said:
    this is better than sliced bread. come to south florida!! Aug 16
  • Erica said:
    loving the videos, more please? Aug 16
  • Erin said:
    FANdom, here I come! :) Aug 15
  • Jon Painter said:
    Woo! It's like being at a concert!!! Minus the beer. :( Aug 07
  • Nick Corcoran said:
    I'm a FAN! Aug 05
  • Jeri said:
    RAISINSSSSSS!!!!!!! Aug 01