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Hi welcome to Circlewinds. Glad you could drop in.


Genres: Indie / Experimental / Ambient

Location: Eagle Lake, TX

Stats: 136 fans / 1,936 plays / 12 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Josiah Fling

Hey everyone please take advantage of the free downloads before I put new songs up. Thanks!

If you want to hear older songs i keep older one's up on MySpace Music quite a bit longer in addition have a larger selection of songs.


In addition songs like my number one played and downloaded song of 2009 "Dewberry Orchards" is available for download if you click on albums and view my record New Illusions.

Circlewinds is now also on Soundwave,com


Circlewinds is now also on PartyAve.com


Check out my other band Lake Town on Purevolume and Myspace!

In the early hours of the day, two bands were born Lake Town and Circlewinds. Lake Town making more easily excessible acoustic music than Circlewinds was the financial backing . Originally an excuse to play piano, Circlewinds was created by Josiah Fling in the small town of Eagle Lake, TX. Never intending on Circlewinds to be his finacial support, Josiah decided to do what little was done on music social-websites like Myspace Music and PureVolume, he made solid instrumental music. Playing solid instrumental music got very mixed reactions between hatemail and adoring fans. After doing instrumental music, Josiah was basically open to do anything. Becoming more open to vocal attempts, Circlewinds' next move was to craft thought provoking music through concept records. The first concept record is to be named "Omnistar: Stargazer". The Omnistar Chronicles is a series of screenplays written about a boy's journey through space, from which the Omnistar records are soundtracks to possible films for which the screenplays were written. Look for it soon!

Background to Omnistar:

Book 1:
In a distant land a nation is haunted by a spreading parasite that eats away at their hearts. They call it a disease, and have no cure. A boy stows away onboard of the space ship Omnistar, whose captain is the notorious Captain Amos who has been ordered by the King to go to the nearest blackhole to travel back in time to stop the disease from starting. The idea of time travel was merely folk lore at the time and not widely believed to be true. But one does not question the King's orders. However the boy has a vision that maybe the parasite has moved from their leaders hearts to their brains. If he's right their mission could be heading for disaster....

Book 2:
Elsewhere a Kingdom lies in an alternate diminsion, whose ruler is tired, weak, and corupted. Since the king is in incapable of ruling the Kingdom the Princess Hope attempts to restore order admist the chaos, but in doing so is caught and tried for treason and manipulating the King's power. But before they can inprison her she steals the king's seal and makes a break for the nearist ship but is cut off by the King's knights who might have killed her if Captain Amos's ship had not arrived
......what's this? Did the black hole take them through diminsions? Unaware of the change in diminsions Amos believes they are back in time,but the boy thinks otherwise.


"We're all safe because of Hope" is an instrumental expressing the feelings the boy feels when Hope helps the Omnistar escape from the the King's knights.


  • alexandra conrad said:
    really loving "Yes love (Kalah's Song)" the sound is so unique and calming May 14
  • Arlyce said:
    i love your piano playing :] Sep 17
  • 7ate9 said:
    I like it. Keep it up :) beautiful piano on We're All Safe Because of Hope Sep 14
  • Mikuru said:
    I think you're great! And your music is unique! :D Sep 11
  • KorgKid Enciso said:
    nice!! :D Sep 07
  • Ashee said:
    good stuff :) Sep 01
  • Hello,Kimm said:
    heyy its pretty good(x Aug 25
  • Dain said:
    not bad, mate. interesting conceptual album... concept. Aug 22
  • Austin :0 said:
    not something i would normally listen to but i did like it. it's different and i love different :) Aug 20
  • Avery Marshall said:
    oh, and FUCK YES TEXAS BANDS Aug 17
  • Avery Marshall said:
    i adore the whole "concept record" thing, and i love the music. very... intuitive. Aug 17
  • Emilyyy :D said:
    You're music is really unique, I don't hear this kind of thing often. Great job :) Aug 05
  • Ezzah Nurfarah said:
    love your music. loving blackholes to believe in. Aug 05
  • Rosie Jones said:
    I just fell in love with your music... Aug 03
  • Suzuka Ishikawa said:
    Super sweet.... love "hope" Aug 03

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