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Catch The Rabbit


Genres: Acoustic / Indie / Alternative

Location: Nashville, TN

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4 tracks

Members: Ben Azevedo, Aaron Dethrage, Lindsey Thompson, Steve McInturff, Phil Feurtado

Brittney McKenna writes:

The best kind of music is the kind that makes you search-- within notes, between lines and lyrics, and most importantly within yourself. It makes you question what you have long believed about rhythm and melody, structure and rhyme, life and love, but manages to do so in a way that is strangely familiar and comforting. It's the music of soul-searching and soul-finding, though which of the two the music captures is rarely glaringly obvious. There's a power in that mystery, and that's where listeners have to search-- to "catch."

Catch the Rabbit makes that kind of music. Aptly named, the five-piece band based out of Nashville, Tenn. crafts songs that challenge listeners to push their ears outside of their traditional pop or indie comfort zones and look a little deeper.

With thoughtful lyrics, intricate guitar work, atypical rhythms and rich vocal harmonies, the music of Catch the Rabbit echoes that of bands like Death Cab for Cutie and the Hush Sound, but does so while never producing a note outside of its own, unique voice.

Primary songwriters Ben Azevedo, and Aaron Dethrage spin yarns of love lost and coming of age with a worldly sincerity that make their songs instantly relatable but in a way that is genuine and far from cliche. Their tales are accentuated by the captivating harmonies and delicate piano work of Lindsey Thompson.

Drummer Phil Feurtado and bassist Steve McInturff add to the band's element of musical unexpectedness by providing a rhythm section that is at times atypical but always fitting to the music's overarching goals.

After one listen to "The Rabbit Hole EP," it's obvious that though the band might be unsure of the answers to some of life's big questions, they've certainly found themselves musically. Songs like "World of Words" and "The Science of Sleeping Alone" are held together by a chemistry that is unusually strong for a band so young in both age and experience, and would likely prove to be far too ambitious for a group lacking such a solid connection.

Part of the credit for such a connection should be given to the band's commitment to staying organic. Dethrage and Azevedo recorded and mixed the EP themselves (in their "Rabbit Hole" studio in Nashville Tenn.), not wanting to taint the music's purity by allowing outside hands to affect the product's final outcome. The result is an EP that feels real, raw and rife with the kind of emotive musicality so many listeners hope to catch but so many bands fall short of providing.

Catch the Rabbit has found its niche and is holding on tight. Give them a listen and see what you can find-- you might surprise yourself.

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The Rabbit Hole EP

Jun 14, 2009


United States


Nashville, TN


North Hills, NC

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