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  • Isaac Steel said:
    hey message me ;) May 29
  • jony said:
    :) Apr 26
  • Joe Rousseau said:
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  • Execute The Captor said:
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  • Ian said:
    Congrats, it seems like you guys know how to use purevolume and actually at least know my basic genre, unlike most of the solicitors on here. You guys rock, thanks for hittin' me up. I will surely see you in concert if you come to.... utah... ewww Jan 28
  • bazmaroo said:
    you guys should come back to the midwest Jan 06
  • josh milligan said:
    kinda reminds me of motionless in white or vimpires everywhere kinda thing.. i fuckin dig it!! Oct 24
  • ✚☛☠kAiAkz'cOre☠☚✚ said:
    gnarly... :p Oct 03
  • Kellie-Louise said:
    i love you guys ^^ x Sep 01
  • Ami (Ah-mee) said:
    Love the JT Cover, majorly epic! Aug 14
  • bukkie said:
    fans add me lets talk :) Jul 31
  • Deanna|XVI said:
    amazing stuff :3 Jul 25
  • danielle said:
    i love you guys Jul 15
  • Laurel said:
    so I went into our local record shop to see if I could order a copy of Pulse. online only. sad day. but I love you all. :] Jul 13
  • Bastian's said:
    Vixe Pirei Na Banda Muito Boa Mesmo Curti Muito É Nois Aki Do Brazil xD Jul 03
  • Valerie said:
    Good music :] Jul 03