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  • Luke Johns said:
    Awesome! Aug 24
  • Topher said:
    she looks up 27 times lmao so bored Apr 05
  • Layni said:
    D: i love cady! she is my idol im not even joking :) Jun 17
  • KayluhDavis ∆ said:
    All of my friends, including me, listen to your music. And it's constantly playing in my car when Sleeping With Sirens isn't. ♥ Apr 13
  • Wesley Rivers said:
    Amazing voice. Shes defiantly got talent Sep 22
  • stephanie said:
    i love her Aug 27
  • GuitarMd said:
    Incredibly talented. Simple, charming, brilliant song and video. Also, does anyone else think that Cady's voice sounds a bit like Hayley Williams'? Aug 12
  • Brendan said:
    Great song. U r realy pretty 2 Aug 02
  • Craig Chamber said:
    God I love this GIRL ::::)))) Jul 10
  • I lane, you not said:
    very talented women Jun 24
  • Aranzazu said:
    i love that song it remembers me lots of beautiful moments :D Jun 07
  • Trever said:
    beautiful, both the song, the video, and you! May 26
  • Kurosaki said:
    at first, I wasn't able to understand your videos I had a negative opinion towards them but after listening to your songs again I understood that you are expressing the ffelings and emotions of your songs to it's maximum extent and it's so lovely May 17
  • Marisa said:
    I Love this song its soo beautiful she has a great! voice :) May 11
  • RockObsesse said:
    the song is cute and so are you! you have such a pure tone to your voice, i love it. the video's so simple, but effective :) Apr 30
  • Chandi K. said:
    aww love her! Apr 22
  • ORegone® said:
    Amazing Voice!!! Apr 19
  • cee marie said:
    Apr 14
  • ryder | ɹǝpʎɹ said:
    ur so cute :] i love ur voice btw... great song Apr 04
  • colton crocker said:
    AMAZING!! Mar 23