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CW2 and the Waiters

Pure emotion


Genres: Alternative / Other

Location: Vienna, Austria

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4 tracks

Members: CW2,SJ1,Thomas Friedrich Schwarzendorfer,...

... After months of preparation CW2 (Carlo Wolf)- vocal, on October 15. 2010 started work on a new project, CW2 and the Waiters. Two weeks later SJ1 - keyboard,joined the project. Starting with "Do It" to " Eto-I told you" and "Wretched morning",the two of them raised project faster and faster to a new level. Later, a team of people were gathered around the band and started with the Internet promotion so interest in the project was more and more growing . On March 2011 was recorded an unofficial video for a song " Eto ( I told you ) " and project has entered in its second phase in which it has already become necessary to include more people for further work. So the Thomas Friedrich Schwarzendorfer came to the position of guitarist. In April 2011 have started preparations for future
live performances and the creation of the album has entered is the final phase ...


  • MusicBeyondLife said:
    Hey Guy its me again !!!!! Love Memories !!!!!!!!!!! Love you keep going !!!!! Apr 20
  • MusicBeyondLife said:
    Hey Guys I just woke up ! and start to listen to "Do It" it makes my day complete !!!!!!! NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apr 03
  • marta skar said:
    I love you guys Mar 31
  • mikrogranula said:
    What means this ETO in the name of your last song ??? What a great voice :))) ... Mar 30
  • MusicBeyondLife said:
    Hy Guys now i found you here very nice!!!!!!! Cant stop listen to your Songs specially Do it ! Great Work love your Music !!!!! Mar 26


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Vienna, Austria

marta skar

Wien, Austria


Vienna, Austria

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