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Genres: Metal / Progressive

Location: Kristinehamn, Sweden

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"BURST have come up with an unexpected classic...truly essential" - KERRANG!

"blistering energy...vast panoramas...immensely powerful and essential" - ROCK SOUND

"an unusually textured exploration of hardcore and NEUROSIS-esque atmospherics" - TERRORIZER

"sophisticated, cosmic and doomy...alternately dark and stratospheric...amazing" - METAL HAMMER

Sweden's brightest metal hopefuls BURST plow headlong into eternity with their sophomore effort Origo. With flowing grace and force of conviction, Origo's lush layers of sound crush and caress in equal measure. Fragile, melodic vocals intertwine with explosive screams, while waves of guitar weave songs as expressive and elaborate as human emotion itself. Origo is BURST's masterwork of complex, commanding music.

The way of music, as you all should know, must always be forward, and BURST intend to not stray from that rule.

The initial punk rock roots of Burst were the earliest attempts of a disparate group of kids way back in 1993. BURST
wanted to be intense, original, to evolve, and to strike a chord with the sense of exploration and musical innovation that their
numerous inspirations and favorite bands so clearly had embraced.

The turning point in the evolution came with the addition of guitarist Robert Reinholdz. With this immense musical talent in the band, the making of what was eventually to be Conquest: Writhe had begun. BURST took the first step towards becoming the band its members wanted it to be and began creating music they all felt inspired by. Ten songs were recorded throughout spring 2000 with our long time friend and engineer Fredrik Reinedahl (IN FLAMES, PASSENGER). The LP saw the light of day in the summer of 2001. In late October, the CD version was released by noted underground hardcore label Prank Records.

Upon the heels of Conquest: Writhe, the band began writing anew. The contemporary musical direction of Burst had started to evolve, and the enthusiasm over making music reached a level that the band had not known before. This new material truly felt like it was Burst, the product of five very individual tastes in music mixed together in a form they were all excited by and proud of. The band entered Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden, again with Fredrik Reinedahl, to record what was to become the Mini-CD In Coveting Ways. Chrome Saint Magnus released In Coveting Ways in the spring of 2002. In Coveting Ways was met with overwhelming response from magazines and fans of music worldwide. The band played sparingly around its released while Jesper juggled tour duties with his other project - NASUM.

While BURST was waiting for the release of In Coveting Ways, the quintet began writing once again and it was as if they didn't miss beat. Harsh and intense, yet possessing a strong, graceful sense of melody and unbelievable depth of sound and expression. BURST had taken their next step. In May 2002, the band entered Studio Phlat Planet, to realize their vision. After months of labor, the quintet emerged with their first proper full-length Prey On Life.

On Prey On Life, BURST constructed powerful, crisp and perfectly balanced music that molded both emotion and intensity. With a sound firmly rooted in metal and the punk/hardcore aesthetic, BURST relies just as heavily on ambience, atmosphere, and tone as it does complexity, aggression and raw emotion. A wholly original entity, Prey On Life delivered unquestionably brilliant music that consumed and digested the listener with grand and hypnotic waves of sound.

Fans and journalists alike praised the album for its stunning songwriting and heartfelt emotion. Metal Hammer named the band as one of its "Hot 50 Bands You Must Hear" for 2004 alongside MASTODON, MINUS and VELVET REVOLVER amongst others. Subsequent UK tours supporting labelmates THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and MASTODON cemented BURSTs reputation as one of metals hottest young bands and, while on tour, the band began preparing material for their next release, Origo, which you hold before you.

BURSTs Origo will be see a European release date of October 17th, 2005 and an early 2006 release date in the U.S. Hear for yourselves what everyone is talking about.

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