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Buckle Rash

Conradson E.P. - Available NOW!! - www.CDBaby.com


Genres: Southern Rock / Rockabilly / Rock

Location: Ashland, OR, OR

Stats: 1 fans / 34 plays / 20 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Ronnie Reed (Guitar/Lead Vox) - Lund Baker (Lead Guitar) - Tooj McGruder (Bass/Vox) - Philthy Phil (Hype Man/Vox) - Derel Lictenstein (Drums/Vox)

Shit kickin' Outlaw Country and Southern Rock with an unexpected punk twist..PUNKTRY.

Buckle Rash is a five-piece outfit that plays a blend of old school country and southern rock, with an unexpected punk twist. Hailing from the hills of Ashland in Southern Oregon, they have been making waves in the regional music scene in the year they have been together. Summer 2013 took the band through California, Oregon, and Idaho with slots at some of the best festivals on the west coast, including Jefferson State Hemp Expo., Burnt Woodstock, Summer Circus, The Oregon Brewers Festival, and many others. Not ones known to sit on their heels and take things slowly Buckle Rash debut e.p. “Conradson” is finished and was released 12/06/2013. There is a reason Buckle Rash fans are quickly becoming known as Rashers, every show is packed with a ridiculous amount of ruckus energy as Derel Lictenstein keeps the train rolling on drums, Tooj McGruder thumps his bass, Lund Baker makes it rain with his transcendent guitar chops, and Ronnie Reed sings from the depths of his soul. Backup singer/dancer and overall hype man Philthy Phil keeps the crowd laughing, screaming and getting down as he pounds around stage gyrating and letting loose to the point that he loses five pounds of sweat at every show. Buckle Rash plays music to have fun, and they play it well. If you are looking for a chill, relaxing evening, where you can go out, have some drinks, and just check out a decent band, DO NOT COME TO A RASH SHOW!!! However, if you are looking to make your night memorable and want to party with some of the grittiest good ol’ boys this side of the Rockies, then be sure to check out Buckle Rash.