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Bu Yao!


Genres: Rock / Alternative

Location: Beijing, China

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Bu Yao! is currently recording their first CD at the incredible WigwaM studios in Beijing.

== Bu Yao! ==

Bu Yao!'s band members are from all over the world and they play rocky music in a quirky way, presenting poetic lyrics about travelling, love and bicycles. Bu Yao! produce their own blend of Alternative Poet Rock.

Bu Yao! remind us to live today (and not tomorrow), singing about their own experiences which motivate us to come closer to each other or to waste some more days together. Bu Yao! can definitely guarantee a performance full of devotion to their music and the stories covered in their songs. You should go and check them out you might just like it.

== About ==

The band members from all parts of the world celebrate their rocky way of presenting poetic lyrics about travelling, love and having an open mind. The band members are Philipp (voc, guitar, songwriting), Kris (drums), Anna (piano), Tom (Guitar), Gao Song (Erhu) and Chris (bass).

Philipp Schiffers (guitar, voc, songwriting) from Germany started off as a songwriter in German language. He first played piano but later changed to playing guitar. He now works in Beijing as a music therapist. His favourite music are songs of songwriters and all kind of world music. His lyrics are influenced by his traveling experiences.

The American Kristopher Pickett , or "The Artist Formerly Known as Huang Huzi" has been in Beijing since the fall of the Qing Dynasty working on various rock, and, or, roll projects and dealing ivory on the side. After 'rock' was declared dead, and the international ivory prices dropped, Kris chose a more conceptual path and began teaching English and English literature. Since the loss of his beard (it shall return!), he has found life more aerodynamic. He also plays the drums for Bu Yao!.

The German bass player Christopher Both recently joined Bu Yao! Though most of his conscious life he was obsessed with playing the guitar, he recently shifted to its groovy deep voiced relative. His biggest influences, however, remain Blues and Classic Rock greats such as Clapton, Hendrix and Blackmore, just to name a few. When he is not just lost in the Bu Yao! Groove, he works as a marketing and sales manager for a producer of scientific instruments, but now tinkers with the idea to become professional on-demand button pusher for the incredible WigwaM studios, where Bu Yao is producing their first CD.

Tom Painter is the bands famous and experimental guitar sound provider! How experi-mental he can work you can hear in "Bicycle in Beijing"

Bu Yao's Gao Song brings a fascinating addition to the Bu Yao! sound with her Chinese Erhu.

Bu Yao's newest band member is Anna from England, who plays keyboards.

== songs on BuYao's first CD==

Wise Guy
Today or tomorrow
Rain and Thunder
Soap Opera
Bicycle in Beijing
Desert Road
Your Love
A Treat
Line 2 Blues
Berge versetzen
Jintian haishi mingtian
Old Time Romance
A Treat

=== Booking Bu Yao! ===

If you want Bu Yao to perform at your location, please send an email to philippschiffers@hotmail.com

== Contact ==

email: philippschiffers@hotmail.com

phone: 13691470601



Bu Yao!

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