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Brunswick Music Scene Samplers


Genres: Metal / Pop Punk / Hip Hop

Location: Brunswick, GA

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4 tracks

Members: The Locals

Download the Spring 2011 Sampler: Megaupload (Mirrors to be added soon)

Special Thanks to:
Port City Records, (Facebook) - Bearshark & Two Years Too Long
Mile High Flight Club (Facebook, Official Website, Reverb Nation) - Kidd Electric, Da Fam, New Hustle
That Sweet Basil (Facebook) - xBRUTALCOREx
Whiskey Tango Productions (Facebook) - One Lonely Goat, My First Circus
Glenda Mosely - Artwork
and to all the other artists.

The artists (In Alphabetical Order):

Formed July 2010, Bearshark is a hardcore metal band containing former members of defunct local bands such as: Dora Maar, The Full Body Karate, The Shootout, and The Ruthless. Known for going postal live, and their strongly energetic music Bearshark's "Doomsday Paradise" from their 2011 EP CHOMP! is sure to get you pumped.
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By All Means
What more needs to be said than "These boys can get down"? Composed of former members of local bands that had never played shows (Fear Focus, Dropkick Polio & Take to the Skies), the group got off to a rough start trying to find their footing within the local scene. In the short time that they've been together they've recorded an EP, played shows with signed bands, and even turned down a record deal. They finally found a sound that works for them as can be seen in "Old Pirates Never Die" off of their EP The Cure to Common Rapture. Although they broke up recently, their track has been left on the sampler as a nod to an upcoming project from the guys.
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Corvid Canine
Matthew Borders, more commonly known for his work with Take to the Skies and xBRUTALCOREx, has been working on this project for much longer than either of those groups had been around. All his music is self-produced, and contains lyrics drenched in inspiration from nature that heavily rely on symbolism. After listening to the track "Sternum" off of his newest album Sleep Betrays Us you'll be left scratching your head wondering what would drive a man to the cyber-grind genre.
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Da Fam
Just like their name suggests, Da Fam is one hip-hop group that is focused on family. The four brothers came together in order to give a fresh new positive outlook to what's usually known as the "dirty south" hip-hop scene. These guys are completely DIY in the fact that they put their own shows together, and are the full and final source of their music from start to end. With a heavy reliance on God to get them where they need to be these boys, along with their contribution "Higher Up" are a fresh breath into the scene.
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Kidd Electric
Tk Trav from Da Fam is doing his own solo project that I like to call "Space-Hop" or "Hip-Happy". It's really a unique take on the genre of Hip-Hop with a blend of Indie-electro roots somewhat reminiscent of MGMT. Check out his track "New Clear Winter" to see what I mean.
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Kingdom of Villains
Geno "Fresh" Badie and Anthony "CNA" Carter are two talented young hip-hop artists from Brunswick. Whether they're working together on tracks (check their youtube) or doing things solo like on the sampler you can tell there's a passion for what they do in the music.
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My First Circus
The Kids who said that punk is a dead genre haven't heard My First Circus. Drawing influence from a more folk oriented version (slightly reminiscent of Dropkick Murphys) of the genre the boys will not disappoint you with their track The Bus
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New Hustle
Another example of Brunswick's positive hip-hop scene, New Hustle is a great addition from our boys over at the mile High Flight Club.
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One Lonely Goat
Tim and Adam from My First Circus team up in One Lonely Goat for their own spin on the "stoner rock" genre. Bringing a new form of talent into the scene. Check out the track "An Invitation to Dance" from their 2011 demo.
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Solid Gold Thunder
I'm sure you all remember Faster Faster right? Seeing as they're the biggest thing to have come out of Brunswick (other than Brunswick Stew) that would sort of been a given. Well, for those of you who had been following the boys after the break-up Randall had gone on to do his own thing with I Am Me. It was a lot softer than the pop-core anthems that the boys had been putting out, but was still great. Well, for those of you who had been attending the block parties at Skate Bonez you knew something was in store when Kyle and Randall took the stage with a then un-named band. Well, they've re-vamped since then and are back with the Faster Faster line-up (except for Joey) and under the new name Solid Gold Thunder. There are elements from both Faster Faster and I Am Me in their new track "Black Velvetine"
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Two Years Too Long
This five piece indie-based pop-punk band from has been on the scene since 2009. After coming off hiatus and re-grouping with new members Two Years Too Long has switched gears from the Hardcore sound you heard in the 2009 demo. The new Pop-Punk sound is sure to get the crowd singing along at their live performances. Get stoked for their song "In My Bones" which is the title track off of their updoming EP.
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We're Just Serious
Sometimes you find genius in unexpected places. For the most part, these guys have been trying to put bands together for forever. After many unsuccesful attempts they finally found eachother and developed a sound completely unique to the local scene. Instead of the typical breakdown filled metal that's been dominant in this scene these boys use rapid guitar picking to give the songs a more epic feel. The addition of clean vocals is also a nice touch to the style.
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After the ending of Take to the Skies, Mattie Washburn and Matt Borders laid low on the music scene. They had tossed ideas back and forth with eachother about possibly starting an indie-political hip-hop project with Washburn writing lyrics and Borders producing, but eventually they came to the conclusion the style wasn't what they wanted. Washburn came up with a different idea of poking fun at the typical state of hardcore lyricsm and wrote songs about parties, burning towns, and other "brutal"concepts. The two then worked on fitting these to a hip-hopesque beat and out popped xBRUTALCOREx. Cliche, and yet different.
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