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Broken Sylence

We're Broken Sylence from Eugene Or. Check us out.


Genres: Metal / Rock

Location: Eugene, OR

Stats: 2 fans / 23 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Band Members:
Sean O'Neill - Bass Guitar
Gwillym O'Neill - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Gary Kessler - Drums
Matt Dau - Lead Vocals

Thanks for stopping by Purevolume to get further acquainted with Broken Sylence. I thought I'd give this website a little more depth and detail about the bands internal friendship. Give it more insight into our individual personalities than the other sites I've created for this band. I put some personal photos of us on here hanging out. Even pictures that aren't really about our music, but more about who we are as people. Uploaded on here are a few early stages of songs that ended up on our first album. The songs were recorded very unprofessionally by all of us in our living room that we all shared. Broken Sylence is not just a band, but more like a gathering of family and friends. We didn't set out to be a band that would conquer the music scene. We just wanted to play on our guitars and hope that something would sound like a song. Actually the way the band started was just a simple get together to watch some football and drink a few beers. We would just sit around and strum our acoustic guitars to the riffs and melodies we made up. That was way back in 1998 when we first got together and we're still best friends. Even when we're not recording new material or playing shows somewhere I still think of us as a band. Actually we are more like brothers.

Thanks for visiting us and feel free to leave a comment. (Sean O'Neill).