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Brick Fields Band

New Album "Gospel Blue"


Genres: Blues / Christian / Folk

Location: Eureka Springs, AR

Stats: 0 fans / 13 plays / 4 plays today






“The resonating sound and honest lyrics of Brick Fields’ music does what all good music should. It crosses the lines that divide us, giving each listener or member of the audience something in common with each other” (say’s Jennifer Downing Burleigh”)

According to Brick Fields listeners, Rachel’s bluesy, uplifting voice, and inspiring melodies and lyrics, can be felt when she throws her head back and let’s her heart sing. Larry’s cream chords, tender harmonies, lyrics and melodies, soar through restoring the spirit with-in of everyone the music touches. These two together create a sort of sound you can’t get enough of. The Brick Fields Band is soul-spirational, entertaining, can get you dancing, and at the same time can bring you to tears. The band is built around the husband and wife songwriting team of Brick Fields, Rachel Fields and Larry Brick. The music brings to the surface feelings and emotions you didn’t even know you had and has been called “soulspirational“. Each and every member of the band has a unique stage presence. Casey Terry blows the saxophone like it’s no-body’s business while he sways and jumps really getting excited about playing his instrument. Randy Fairbanks plays a simple yet strong organ foundation and entertains the audience with witty comments, his wild curls, and unforgettable presence, Johnny Ray with his fun-loving smile and smooth bass notes really ad flavor to the foundation of the band, and Caleb Bomar is a first class drummer playing every beat, rhythm, and percussion instrument the way they were meant to be played. This band has been called, “soul-full”, “breathtaking”, “awesome”, “gracious”, “amazing”, “heaven to listen to” and even SuperEUREKAfragilistikexpealidocious.
They won first place at the 2010 Ozark Blues Society of NWA Blues Challenge after only being together a short time and went on to become chosen as the pick of Club 152 in Memphis during the International Blues Challenge in 2011. They are from a small tourist town in the Ozark mountains called Eureka Springs, AR were they have the opportunity to share their music with people every week from all over the world. The Brick Fields Band plays festivals, concerts, churches, and all sorts of different venue. The music is Holy Ghost and Life inspired with influences from all walks of life but especially folk, blues, and gospel. They have been known to surprise audiences with their wide array of musical styles. You don’t want to miss this band.



Gospel Blue

No release date