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Brain Tire Fire

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Genres: Electronic

Location: Lublin, Poland

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Brain Tire Fire is a one man band based in Lublin, Poland. It started up in early 2012 as a side project of a bass guitar player mostly involved in rock, jazz and art-like groups (formerly metal too). Seriously, not a very serious thing at all.
"U Dance?" EP was BTF's first material. It contained music that reflects author's mood in the purest possible way... Well, the guy just sat with a sampler and played with it for a while - sounded like music, so here we are. Later "A Sorry Tune" single appeared. Two tracks, eight minutes, no mercy. Next thing is "Mental Crest" mini album. The mood became a bit calmer marking some stylistic shift. Kinda spooky in general. "Cast Into My Forehead" EP follows gloomy spirit of it's predecessor. Plus some live bass playing has been added to the picture. Still creepy though.
The latest stuff, is "Ghost Of Joy" album. It is a first BTF's full length album. Last track features live bass workout.
NOTE: Check out websites in links section for all BTF tunes (streaming + download).



Ghost Of Joy

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