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Making a BIG change here


Genres: Indie / Electronic

Location: Huddersfield, United Kingdom

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Members: Samuel Thomas Wright

A new and exciting change to, "The Book And The Cover".

After gigging and recording acoustically for 2 years or so I was starting to get a little bored so I decided to to take a different approach to my songwriting and composing and try something new. I came up with, "Books & Covers". I love to experiment with my music and search out new ways to play music etc. and so Im really excited to be starting this new project. Some of you may like the change and some of you may not be so keen on it but so far Ive had some great feedback and so Im gonna keep going with this and see where it leads.

Expect even more tracks coming very soon!


  • Keith said:
    Still good! Love The XX and this is a good sound! Feb 03
  • Manda said:
    Oh wow, you're very good :) I love your voice. Feb 14
  • xXnomnomrawrXx said:
    chu haz a gewdnezz! ♥♥♥ thankiez for tellin mez bout chu! Feb 09
  • Jessseka said:
    You are lovely Feb 06
  • River said:
    wow, your music is really good :) Feb 06
  • Dani said:
    I like your sound a lot!! Keep it up!! Feb 04
  • Liveyaa said:
    you got a nice tune :) Feb 03
  • * I See Stars * said:
    This is your comment to check on my current status on living ... Yeh im alive :L ... What did you mean so i know your alive ??? Feb 01
  • Chelsey GRIN said:
    love it . its beautiful Jan 31
  • 0m0 said:
    Heyy:) I love ur music Jan 30
  • Rachel crowe said:
    hi!!!!N =] Jan 30
  • Rachel crowe said:
    u make me want to live in the united kingdom!!! =] lagitt sound! i love u!!!!! Jan 26
  • Charlie (; said:
    Wow, You're really good :) Jan 25
  • Abbiee said:
    I likes it :) *becomes a fan* Jan 25
  • Bethany Joy said:
    loved it so much had to go buy turn the clocks back Jan 11

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