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Bon Ton Key Club


Genres: Electronic / Other

Location: Lebanon, OR

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4 tracks

Members: Rich Dickson, Keyboards, Bass Guitar, Trombone, and Percussion

Bon Ton Key Club is the music project of Rich Dickson, who has been involved in the music scene in the Western States over the years in many venues, including The Control Boys, Backlash, and Small Wonder. His career began as a teen playing clubs in every genre that was involved in live music, including jazz, country, rock, show clubs, and coffee houses. He later became the keyboardist for the new wave band from Salem called The Control Boys as Doctor Polyester, and then teaming with his cousin Stephen Wiley of Portland with Backlash.

Bon Ton Key Club has its name taken from the old downtown restaurant in Stayton, Oregon where bands used to jam into the wee hours of the night, and where he later spent time as a teenager sitting in with the local bands. The "key" refers to his never ending quest of developing anything new and different with keyboards, which has included an old '63 Farfisa, a Hammond M1, ARP Odyssey, ARP Solina Strings, and a list too long to mention.

A new compliation CD coming out very soon will feature one of his tracks, and another CD to follow shortly after that.....stay in touch for more exciting news!

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