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Bliss Together

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Genres: Pop Punk / Rock / Alternative

Location: Bandung, Indonesia

Stats: 25 fans / 464 plays / 2 plays today






Members: acuy-Lead guitar|aska-Guitar-vocal|Edo-Bass|Peppy-Drum


we are THE POP PUNK MELODIC KIDS FROM BANDUNG,WEST JAVA, INDONESIA. started in March of 2009, acuy (guitarist of The Casket For Me) and Aska (a.k.a cimex) plans to form a pop punk band. and they both took edo and peppi to join the band. time goes so fast, and eventually they formed a band called Bliss together. we gave this name because we are always happy in a state of love and grief. I hope this gives a blessing to us, and hopefully this name can bring us to success .. until now we would always sing and create our song ..

Bliss together we'll having fun anymore ... LETS ROOOCCCKKK GUYSS !!


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  • kevin geaviano said:
    pop punk band from bandung http://www.purevolume.com/morningradiochannel you can enjoy the songs and become fans! thankyou :) just now Mar 24
  • WiMs SoMEtimEzZ said:
    yeahh like itt.. come on chek this band in here : http://www.purevolume.com/DinosaurCanFly Jan 25
  • Gusta Gemilang G P said:
    nice song !!!!!!! Aug 11
  • HaSaN said:
    support local movement....!!! ada jadwal manggung akhir - akhir ini gak ? May 22
  • ShortCakes 웃♥유 said:
    love it:) Apr 09
  • Sin. said:
    \|,,| Apr 07
  • ASHes to ASHes said:
    i cant understand what its saying, but i do unsersatnd that i like it anyway! Apr 05
  • uni rekkab said:
    kren bgt brad! gw tnggu update lgunya! Apr 03
  • Ayrish said:
    "Mell said: Verryy Nice I Have No Idea What It Means But Sounds Good =] xx 1 week ago " Yeah, it sounds really good ^-^ Mar 31
  • ansari_Scaremonger said:
    keren" w dukung terus brad..! Mar 27
  • ayla bhelel said:
    hmm Mar 26
  • LizzyLovely said:
    i love it even though its something i can under stand. Godd job guys , its sounds awesome! Mar 25

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