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that causes stress, certain coded or understanding enjoyments, fullment, alleviation, launch

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and, by corollary, the encounter with, between or as naked bodies is to be

considered the root of such effects. Only when the sexual breaks free from its
sexual classications, regimentations and codes is it acknowledged the lusty
is both pervasive and http://videonudism.com/voyeurism .
By admitting this, nakedness under the gaze can continue to be innocuous, yet
erotically and pleasurably charged. Gazing at a bathing child can be pleasurable
-- and joy can of course drive the disciplinary gaze of the parent. Likewise
with gazing in the communal shower-space -- and there are sexual measurements to
this delight by virtue of the constant citation and procedures of sexual subjec-
tive performativity. Under this schema, however, such gazing is to be seen as
Innocuous pleasure, in contrast to the regimented ideas of western sexuality that,
since the 19th century, have carefully coded sexuality into suitable and
Unsuitable, harmless and harmful, natural and obscene categories. This schema
Acknowledges sexuality and a wide range of practices of naked display and gazing, but rests
the link between nakedness and current denitions and understandings of sexu-
Where this already happens is one of the celebratory and transgressive descen-
dants of the Woodstock festival, such as the Burning Man festival of setup
Artwork, performance, music, craft and dance held in the Nevada desert during the
United States Labor Day weekend -- a website that can be described as a temporary

autonomous zone functioning not outside but at the margins of sex-archive-nudism of
dominant social ideologies. Attended by a range of visitors, including families
and kids, Burning Man is described as 'an annual experiment in temporary
community dedicated to radical self expression and radical self-reliance' in which
'[n]udity, iconoclastic art, sexuality, impolite language, cultural commentary, and
weird behaviour are all part of the vital Burning Man experience' (Burning
Guy, 2001a). The site motivates naked displays as art or nude frolicking through
the spaces, both protected from modern prohibition by virtue of its desert
frame. It is a sexed space, as attested to by some of its named paths, like 'Anal
Avenue' and 'Sex Drive'. But it is more than just perish sex as genital copula-
tion, and covers the instability of sex as signier. There are references to 'sexual
energy swirling and whirling about' as if it is a chaotic power that pervades all
Components of the weekend, and the preparation guidance on its web site makes perma-
nently unsure the dynamic between nakedness and genital sex:
Be respectful. Only because people are walking around naked does not automatically mean they
Want *you* were naked in a small enclosed space with them. Learn to take no for an answer,
and don't be afraid to use the 'n' word yourself. (Burning Man, 2001b)
By all accounts, Burning Man is highly erotically charged -- a party of the
exploration of what bodies can and might do in the meeting with other bodies,
The Nude Subject

with representational art and with the desert environment. As the companies set
it, 'Make love to the playa, and she is going to love you back. Become one with the sun,
the stars, and the omnipresent dust' (Burning Man, 2001b). The literal burning
of the man-gure can maybe be read as the burning and dislodgement of
contemporary and patriarchal codes of bodies and their appropriate deportment,
containment and regimentation. At precisely the same time, it's an acknowledgement of
marginal ideas of community which dispense with the person body and
show how the body is erotically materialized 'in treaty' with its environmental
and other-bodily encompasses. Although Burning Man and its ever-present nudity
and sensual charge operate within a contextual frame -- spaced by Black Rock,
Nevada; timed by the Labor Day weekend -- it's representative of manners in which
we can believe and gaze at nakedness otherwise. By rethinking sexuality away
from the genitals, the genitals are both de-sexualized and the rest of the
body eroticized such that nakedness, and gazing upon it, can be considered at a
distance from the codes that have qualified it as obscene without having to
Turn the charge of obscenity. Nakedness in the showers, the locker room, the
Tub, in family photographs, the fkk camp and in dialog can in this way
be thought of as neither sexual and constantly sexual -- and thinking in this manner is to
Ignore culturally codied signications of sexuality and to endure nakedness,
subjectivity, the materialized body and culture as naked to the sensual as subjec-
tivity itself

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