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Brandon Wayne Milliron presents Bastard County

Southwestern Biker Doom Metal w/ Clean Vocals


Genres: Metal / Classic Rock / Rock

Location: Prescott, AZ

Stats: 0 fans / 74 plays / 16 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Brandon Milliron-Guitars/Vocals/Songwriter/additional instruments

*NOTE* I also have info/music from previous bands to show my back catalog/resume of other bands I came from such as Killing Cells, Years Of Abuse and DNR. not to be confused with my current Bastard County.

Bastard County - Hellizona (EP) Vol. 1 (TBA, Milliron Mob Hits)

B-tuned-Groove Oriented Biker Doom, Sludge, Southwestern Metal with actual singing. To be a 4 piece only lineup (gig-wise), seeking bassist, 2nd guitarist and drummer (all with actual singing vocal skills a plus!) I have plenty of songs written for what this is specifically made for.

The Spurned (TBA) Guitars/Vocals

This will be a collection of songs I wrote from '97 till now, mainly my faster or plain heavier tracks or even obscure or experimental material of Thrash, Black Metal, Grindcore, Hardcore and Doom. To be recorded at the right time (whenever the hell that will be) for a loaded full release record that might be a sight for sore eyes if ya know what I mean. Might even feature plenty of guest associates!

DNR: The Cost Of Living EP (2002) Bass/backing vocals

A punkish/80's metal band I joined as a bassist in 2001, recorded a demo and an EP, played local BHC, AZ gigs. Featured guitarist, George Harlan (Tyrant21), vocalist/guitarist Bryan Loftus (Wikked Gypsy) and drummer, Tom Giambalvo (Tyrant21/Wikked Gypsy).

Many Worlds: LIVE At tequila Bob's (2004) Guest vocals on "Carnivorous Man"

The band featuring guitarist, Roy Dixon and the late drummer, vocalist Jake McLean (Mighty Whities) as well as bassist/vocalist Fernando Halsey and vocalist Rod Rosa who became members of Killing Cells. MW released 2 EP releases and 2 Live albums.

Killing Cells: Deadly Infection (2007) Guitars/Vocals
Killing Cells - Before The Infection EP (2005-2007) (TBA) Guitars/

Formed in early 2005 by the Rosa bros, vocalist Rod (Many Worlds), bassist/guitarist Jeff (Krawlspace) and BWM. Recruiting bassist, Fernando (Many Worlds) and drummer, Mason Reardon (Irie Sounds and the Haf-Witz/Urban Riddums). Shared the stages with major acts, tv and movie cameo.

Years Of Abuse - First round Knockout EP (2006-2008) Guitars/vocals

I formed YOA in late 2006 aside of Killing Cells, for something more faster and aggressive black metal and sludge approach later slowing down in a more doom style before disbanding in 2008.
Also featured vocalist, Derek Carter (Seconds Later), Original drummer, Dustin Reddington (Shrapnull, Seconds Later), Drummer, Nick Fury (Torn Hammer), 2nd guitarist and NOLA native, Johnathon Bourque (Missanthropic Innoculation, Kill Machine, Torn Hammer, Stench of Fear, Necrid).

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