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BassMint Pros (tm) aka BMP www.bassmintpros.com

BMP!~ aka BassMint Pros (tm) www.bassmintpros.com


Genres: Hip Hop / Rap / Progressive

Location: AnyCity, XZ. Good ol' US of A, UT

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Members: BassMint Pros (tm) aka BMP; is 'THE' Hip-Hop Collective!~

BassMint Pros (trademarked) is a Hip-Hop Collective!~ No BMP or BassMint Pros is 'THE' Hip-Hop Collective.

BassMint Pros AKA; BMP represents the core or the true essence of Hip-Hop. BMP has immersed its DIY philosophy to the very roots of the diverse culture. Delving into the areas that are considered passe and cliche to the masses, but to BMP these sacred elements represent all that is Hip-Hop; Break Dancing, Beat-BOX'ing, Cutting and Scratching etc. . . what we term: 'REAL' Hip-Hop!~ WORD!

BMP, or In the BassMint Productions, began making its creative and unique Hip-Hop MUSICK back in the early snowy winter of 1997. Since the collectives inception BMP has steadily been representing to the fullest on an underground grass roots tip. What does BMP mean when they claim 'REAL' Hip-Hop? Real Hip-Hop is most importantly about keeping it real and true with yourself. First off If you dont have a DJ your NOT Hip-Hop, PERIOD!~ All other elements must be meet as well; MC'ing, DJ'ing, Graff, Bombing/Tagging, Beat-Boxing, Producing, Mixing, Making Beats, Catching Wreck, Sampling, Making Mix-Tapes, Battle Rapping, Writing Rhymes, Sweating in the LAB, Livin' in the studio, Tearin' it up in the booth, Touring, Etc...

BMP is always sporting the freshest ill kicks, on the look out for HOT R&B chicks, listening to Soul musick, eating Soul food, and hanging with those that are most important 2 us, our fams and of course our crews.

BMP = 'REAL' Hip-Hop; MC'ing, DJ'ing, Graff, Bombing/Tagging, Making Beats, Catching Wreck, Sampling, Making Mix-Tapes, Battle Rapping, BreakDancing, BeatBoxing, Sweating in the LAB, Livin' in the studio, Tearin' it up in the booth, Touring, etc.... BMP: BassMint Pros; 'THE' "REAL" Hip-Hop Collective. BMP . . . Now go tell your momz!~

Basement: 1. the part of a building that is wholly underground.... Bass: 1. of low pitch \ 2. a deep sound or tone.... Mint: 1. square stemmed herbs \ 2. a vast sum \ 3. unmarred as if fresh from a mint.... Prose: 1. straightforward \ 2. ordinary language people use in writing or speaking.... Professional: 1. one that engages in an activity professionally \ 2. participating for gain in an activity often engaged in by amateurs....

Pros: Prosody; 1. study of poetic structure techniques involved in writing, including rhyme, meter and the patterns of verse forms \ 2. rhythm of speech \ 3. system of writing verse.... Hip-Hop: 1. popular music, art and dance \ 2. A form of popular culture that started in African American inner-city areas (South Bronx, NY) characterized by rap music, graffiti art and break dancing....

Collective: 1. shared by all \ 2. collected to form whole \ 3. applying to many....

BMP AKA; BassMint Pros, in summation is a Hip-Hop Collective!~ www.bassmintpros.com



BassMint Pro!~ aka BMP

Jan 08, 2011


Port Moody, BC


Farr West, UT

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