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The Badger State Ordnance Mission

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 Headquartered in Mosinee, Wisconsin; Badger State Ordnance is a customer centric company dedicated to serving the firearms and hunting needs individuals customers. Were an 07 FFL Dealer/Manufacturer founded by people which has a desire for firearms, tactical gear along with the outdoors. As being a leading supplier of firearms, firearms car parts and accessories, and tactical gear; we've managed to get our mission to continue designing and developing new and innovative products that meet our customers� needs.

Badger State Ordnance

 Badger State Ordnance is devoted to developing new as well as end products for that AR-15 platform. There exists a dedicated development and research team with powerful 3D modeling software plus a 3D printer to help us enjoy the newest and finest parts available on the market. We are currently taking care of opening our very own CNC machine shop in the U.S. to ensure we can easily provide you with the highest quality, and innovative components available, with a great price.

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Why Choose Badger State Ordnance?
 Badger State Ordnance offers our customers lots of firearms accessories and parts. We do sets from budget builds to high-end custom rifles, and in many cases custom Cerakote. From our complete AR-15 rifles, AR-15 uppers and lowers, to your newly developed top rated car parts and accessories, Badger State Ordnance has your back. Call us today about our Cerakote and 3D printing services.

 Our experts will probably be along with you before, during, and after the sale to assist you obtain the products and accessories you may need. Shop with Badger State Ordnance and get the service and support you deserve.


Posted Dec 15, 2015 at 7:06am