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Genres: Death Metal / Experimental / Blues

Location: Bandung, Indonesia

Stats: 26 fans / 3,033 plays / 62 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Anggun - Vocal, Mow - Guitars, Arie - Guitars, Tegar - Bass, Panda - Drums

ByeBye Bunny is a band that chooses Death Cartoon Symphonies for their genre. It was started at 2010 when Mr. Anggun (vocals) went out from his other band and decided to make something new with music. After he met Mow (lead guitars), Arie (guitars), Zani (bass) and Panda (drums) they started a new story. Because of the difference of their influences they made music collaborating death metal with cartoon symphonies just like their new single "Dirty Babble (Monsters Vs. Darkness)". Their first show was on 31st January at New Viersa Cafe. After that Robby and Zani went out from the band because of something he can't explain. Then Arie and Gar, a guitarist and bassist from a local band wished to join them. They decided to change their genre into Deathcore.

Now we have accomplish 5 songs:
1. Dirty Babble (Monsters Vs. Darkness)
2. Mystery of Misery (M.o.M)
3. The Murderer of Perseus (My Revenge)
4. The Secret
5. Maya

Hometown : Bandung, West Java, ID
Website : www.myspace.com/byebyebunny
E-Mail : byebye_bunny@yahoo.com
Booking Contact: +6287825511505
Record Label : Unsigned
Type of Label : Indie


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Jul 10, 2010

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