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we will bleed to this my E.P Marriethopia. \m/


Genres: Metalcore / Death Metal / Hardcore

Location: Bandung, Indonesia

Stats: 4 fans / 690 plays / 6 plays today






Members: Adit Bm (Vox) Izoot (Guitar) Vic (Guitar) Gandump (Bass) Gomen (Drum)

Bloodymarrie is a band name is derived from precisely located in the North Bandung area Lembang. Bloodymarrie formed on 31 May 2008, which is filled by Toya (vocals), Gomen (drums), izoot (guitar), gandump (bass) and ezha (guitar).
Bloodymarrie name implies is very sacred to us. We do not take the name of origin in this. Philosophy Bloodymarrie name itself is a "bloody" was bloody and "Marie" is the name of a woman. So if the meaning of the name Bloodymarrie conclude it is a woman who bled like a mother who gave birth to us with a vengeance, blood, sacrifice, tears and hope. Finally we agreed to give the name of this band bloodymarrie.
Bloodymarrie brought the genre of metalcore that is ready to jazz up the color of underground music in Bandung. Bloodymarrie have a concept of metalcore music that has influences from Lamb of god, arch enemy, trivium, as i lay dying, and others. We also did not rule out the possibility of influence of local bands such as Burgerkill, beside, mortified, aftercoma and others. But it goes hand in hand with the changing times, we tried to experiment with music deathcore from suicide silence, ease of disgust, as blood runs black, coroosion, the black dahlia murder, etc.. And so was born a new genre that we stretcher, we call our Modern metalcore genre.
Go hand in hand its time, one of our personnel ezha vacuum for a while due to busy work and college. Maybe it's a gravel for us, but we were still running with the position of 4 people. We are also aware of the lack of music in our band, then in late 2011 entered a new name is vic Ramdani are ready to fill the void ezha position. And until now we were walking with the formation of 5 people who are ready to enliven the music eksitensi in Indonesia.
Bloodymarrie are :
- Toya RapedMarrie - vocal
- Gandump Emil - Bass
- Izoot Depressions - guitar
- Vic Ramdhani - Guitar
- Gomen BudagBadugz - Drum
for booking _Agung Sp 08562090332
_Adit Bm 085759462666



Marriethopia EP 2011

May 31, 2008


Lampung, Indonesia

vemosLy eank miuw

Medan, Indonesia

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