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What Makes Students Turn to Coursework Writing Service?

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All students have been in a no-win situation when there is less than a day left to accomplish coursework or other bulky paper that requires much time, knowledge and nerves. While some students stress out to produce more or less decent paper, others decide to take the easy route. They simply pay to have their courseworks, essays or even dissertations done. Then without the slightest pricks of conscience they hand in purchased papers with their names written on top and finally get an A.

However, there are certain situations when using custom writing companies is justified. When my friend was balancing studies and family life responsibilities, CourseWorkService.com has turned to be his saving grace. He submitted a truly well-researched and decently-crafted paper, the one it would take him enormous time and efforts to write.

Being rather skeptical about his decision to turn to a coursework writing service and custom writing industry as a whole I then thought it wasn’t that bad for a struggling student to have some professional help. With all pressures, mountains of work and life outside the classroom, we need assistance now and then. For overseas students, even those who have passed English tests custom writing services may be the only chance to integrate into new surroundings and educational system.

A lot of these thoughts, however, raise important questions the most troubling being…

Is it plagiarizing?

All students realize the importance of being academically honest. Or they are made to realize this fact since all educational institutions have strict plagiarism policy designed to detect any form of cheated material and penalize students who break the rules.

So when my friend was considering one of coursework writing services to buy a paper from I asked “Do you realize that you may be kicked out for plagiarism?” “I’m not going to plagiarize, I will just borrow some ideas.” His answer made me think about what plagiarism really means and whether using custom writing services equals cheating.

Not at all since plagiarism is taking someone’s ideas and representing them as your own without author’s consent. Simply put it's stealing. But in the case with custom services no paper is being stolen. It’s bought. More than that, the customer may either submit it as it is or make some changes and hand it in as his own paper.

So if you come to think of custom companies, this way papers they produce aren’t plagiarized. In a perfect world, they serve a push for students to write their well-structured, properly referenced, topic-relevant papers.

Is it ethical?

No matter how reputable and trusted some writing services are, or how truly committed they are, the problem is still not resolved. In the eyes of all academic world, you are lying. You had your work done by someone else. Even if you provided the writer with the fullest information on the topic, paper structure and other details important for an adequate task execution, you have cheated.

No one cares that you had no time, misunderstood the task or worked full time to cover tuition fee. In fact, there is hardly any reasonable argument that can justify you turning to a custom writing service for help. Even if you prove it is not cheating, your reputation will suffer.

We live in the world where communication skills are the value that makes you competitive in today’s labor market. That’s why most universities require students to do the tasks that are supposed to polish their writing skills to perfection. By purchasing written assignment, you don’t even try to learn and improve your skills. You are choosing the path of least resistance, which means you are learning nothing.

However, this sounds as “one size fits all” approach. While there are lots of services that work unfair, there is quite a number of those that aim at helping students. They assemble strong writers’ staff, and deliver only unique papers. It’s all the same with students. Lots of young people find coursework writing hard. While some may outsource the task just to get some good sample which they will later interpret and craft their own first-rate content others will write their names on a purchased paper and hand it in hoping to get an A.

Submitting a paper ordered from a customized company may end up with expulsion but breaking deadline of some vital college task is no way better. A student may hand in a custom paper that doesn’t match initial requirements, but the same is true about a student who has poor language knowledge or has missed classed because of his illness. Finally, if you buy papers, you deprive yourself of opportunity to get knowledge and skills necessary for your future career. But it may be the other way round if you order from a reputable resource that can teach you all the skills you will need to get employed.

There are lots of arguments that either blame custom companies for devaluating education or support them for helping students go through the hardest times in their academic life.


Whatever side you take, you should be conscious of your choice. Now when you know how customer services may work and what may be the consequences if you ask them for help, you can make a balanced decision. Think twice before you make a choice. If you opt for outsourcing your task, consider whether the risk is justified with huge reward and your well-being. If so, then why not give it a try. At the end of the day, we study to get prospects in future, and no one will ask you how you’ve earned your degree if you can support it with strong knowledge and performance. 


Posted Dec 11, 2015 at 7:21am