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Top Radar Detectors Myths Debunked

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Austin Sunshades
Radar detectors are simple, and that you can use either correctly or incorrectly. They gained in popularity after 1973 if the Federal government mandated that speed limits on all highway be reduced to 55 miles per hour. This mandate lasted for about 20 years and spawned a generation of people that never respected the bounds since they were unreasonably low. This encouraged individuals to find ways to avoid speeding tickets. Listed below are some of the myths associated with radar detectors debunked.

1.    They Are Illegal

Well, that is both true and false. These are only illegal in most cities and states. If you are caught with an illegal device, you risk facing possible jail time and you can be fined depending on the severity of the offence.  Austin Sunshades

2.    They Overlap with Radar Jammers

This is a false myth. Detectors only signal if radar is being used within its range. Radar jammers block the signals coming from a radar gun to ensure a police officer cannot have a reading on speed. Federal law actually prohibits using radar jammers. In some states, it is actually a felony to employ a radar jammer.

3.    They Cause Speeding

It's not true. No device exists that forces people to drive over the posted speed limit. Improper use of the detectors can encourage drivers to hurry by giving them the wrong sense of security. However, they have been known to slow down speeding. If drivers are sensitive to law enforcement in a particular area, they slow to the correct speed limit.

4.    Owners Of The Products are Dangerous Drivers

This is false. The truth is that the accident rate for people who just love the devices is higher. However, statistics also declare that those same owners drive more than those that do not. If you consider the distance then those minus the device have higher accident rates than these with the device.

5.    They Fail In Poor Conditions

This is false. Weather has no effect on radar equipment. The key reason why few people receive tickets in poor temperature is the fact that law enforcement officials don't want to be outside. If radar were impacted by poor weather then airports would have to shut down at any symbol of bad weather since they use similar technology.

6.    They Save You From Getting Speeding Tickets

This isn't true. Advances in technology contain it that you do not necessarily need to have a radar gun to trap a speeder. Today�s patrol cars come built with detectors in both top and rear in the vehicle. By a simple flip of the switch, officers can find out exactly who is speeding ahead of the detector can signal to the driver about the presence of police officers.

In conclusion, these statements have looked into some of the commonest myths surrounding radar detectors. Now you know more about the devices, you have a much better position to produce your decision regarding acquisition of the device. As stated from the article, the device is just a tool and is not a alternative to poor driving habits.


Posted Sep 19, 2015 at 1:34am