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Aubin Ni

A nice combination of electronica & ambient.


Genres: Electronic / Ambient / Experimental

Location: Orlando, FL

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Aubin Ni's style of music is an embodiment of his experiences growing up as a child. From early childhood, he had a passion for music. Growing up with many family members and friends who played instruments solo or within small local bands. However, at that time, he stood by the sidelines and rarely participated. His enjoyment for music was more to listen and to learn the delicate synergy of instrument sounds.

As time progressed, he kept music at heart, but moved on to pursue other endeavors. It was until late 1999, however, that Aubin Ni rediscovered the beauty of music and decided to begin composing. Drawing from his earlier experiences and a new found wealth of tools at his disposal, he began to mold his own style by fusing a plethora of genres into one to create a unique sound. This is a result of being almost completely exposed to all genres of music growing up as a child. Cultural music played a huge part as well. From Indian to Native American, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, European, Caribbean, American, African, etc. It was all the insight he needed to polish his techniques.

Today, he has managed to marry those influences into his mixes while maintaining the Ambient, Chill, Relax, Down-Tempo, Experimental, Electronica mood of each track. Makes you want to lay back, sip a drink and let yourself unwind.

-Aubin Ni-

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ALBUM OUT NOW!! Available on iTunes (U.S., Australia/N.Z., Canada, UK/European Union & Japan), Amazon MP3, Amazon On Demand, Rhapsody, eMusic, Napster, Amie Street, Shockhound, Lala, Limewire Store, Nokia & IMVU. Stay tuned for full details.


1. "Mindscape" (4:45)
2. "Remember When" (4:04)
3. "Nefkyn Muren Vithe" (4:19)
4. "Reaching Out" (4:59)
5. "Sundown Trip" (3:50)
6. "Shanghai Touchu" (5:37)
7. "Specter" (5:42)
8. "True Love" (5:52)
9. "Sunset Sundae" (4:42)


  • emily. said:
    I think you've really got something going here - keep up with it! Sep 17
  • Maddie. said:
    I adored this :) Sep 17
  • Allyce said:
    so amazing Sep 17

Aubin Ni

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