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Arnie B

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Genres: Pop / Club / Hip Hop

Location: Fayetteville, AR

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Born on Halloween, Arnie B got his start in music in the streets of Calcutta, India. He comes from a long line of musical artists as his grandfather was a noted playback singer and actor in 40s and 50s Indian cinema. This went down the line to his father and aunts. His mother was also classically trained. He was barely two years of age, when his family noticed that the kid would play a perfect beat on the table whenever the family listened to music over a meal.

Growing up, his US educated father, brought some western influence into the home, and Arnie B found himself listening to "The Beatles', Neil Young, Nat King Cole, Abba, and even some Country Music by greats such as Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers. At a young age, Arnie B found himself drawn specifically to the music of Simon and Garfunkel after seeing the pop culture classic "The Graduate". Songs like 'Sound of Silence' and 'Mrs. Robinson', had a profound impact on his musical taste and own creativity. Then as he gained more access to western music, the King of Pop found his way into Arnie B's heart when he first heard the song "Smooth Criminal". His memories of moon walking down the streets of Calcutta still inspire him to create new sounds while expanding his own musical library and talents which include vocals, keyboards, guitar and the tabla.

At the age of 17, Arnie B was granted a scholarship to the University of Arkansas and came to America for the first time. The first thing he realized about America was its immense size, its expansive infrastructure and amazingly diverse culture. Attending classes at the U of A, he eventually met his future co-songwriters, Ato and Michael, with whom he formed the band 'Rhythm Mandir'. There he was also able to experience that great American phenomenon known as "College Football" as he watched the Arkansas Razorbacks take the field and he "called the Hogs" for the first time. This drove American culture deeper into his soul. Apart from his hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas, Arnie B has also performed in places like Chicago, Atlantic City, Los Angeles, Dallas and New York City,

Arnie B's traditional music background and a natural flair for Pop music enables him to write for both Indian and Western audiences while staying true to his own uniqueness. The duality of living with a foot in each culture enables him to immediately create a sense of unity amongst a diverse group of fans. His love of music is second only to his love of performing and the thrill he feels bonding with an audience as they experience the radiance of a perfect sounding melody together.