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Arisen From Nothing

The new album "In Nothing We Trust" is available!


Genres: Metal / Rock

Location: Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, WA

Stats: 0 fans / 57 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Jim Eldridge (vocals), Troy Elmore (guitars), Eric Hanson (bass), Pete Breene (drums)

The Seattle based group Arisen From Nothing offers a powerful, lethal combination of hard rock and metal, heard live and on their 2012 sophomore release, In Nothing We Trust. The latest album represents and exciting evolution for the band with the addition of vocalist T.J.Hill. INWT sees the return of AFN’s trademark groove oriented hooks and deeply riff driven backbone, but adds Hill’s powerful voice and ability to cross over vocal styles which range from modern metal to melodic, traditional hard rock. This blend has lent itself to the creation of music that is appealing to both rock and metal fans alike.

In Nothing We Trust was written as a direct reflection of the times we are all living. This “theme” based album highlights many issues which trouble our nation today. Each song on INWT takes a look at the darker side of Americana and the turmoil which seems to be prevalent in our world today. The band is quick to acknowledge that INWT is not a condemnation of religion or the American dream but simply offers the listener perspective and an opportunity to reflect on just a few of the issues which seem to capture the headlines and impact our daily lives.