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Released May 31, 2012

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Comments (8)

  • black inc said:
    i luv it "Black inc." Dec 22
  • Rocky said:
    ALYSSA MARIE = FIRE. Lady Marie is nice wit it! It's good to see someone other than me tryin to jump start hip-hop's heart. Real know Real. If ya feelin Joe Budden, he's part of The Slaughterhouse now. "Welcome to our House". That album is off the meat rack raw. -PeacE-N-LovE- Oct 13
  • Angel said:
    Still amazing....One of my favorite artist now a days...heartfelt hip hop is needed in this world, you do us a good service by making it. Oct 04
  • Dora said:
    Alyssa never fails to amaze me. I don't know how she does it, but she manages to spread her heart out on every track. Being so young, I haven't been exposed to music as real as hers. Her music has helped me to get me through some really hard times, and I know that sounds unreal. How can a musician help a stranger with their struggles? Hearing her make music no matter what. Hearing her story on every track she records. Hearing her pain, her emotion. I can hear myself in her. She's an amazing artist. From the first time I heard her rhyme I knew she had "it". She has "it". She has heart. This album just reinforces the fact that she's what Hiphop should be. Every track has substance. Every track means something. This album isn't just 11 songs. This album is Alyssa Marie. She has so much passion, so much love for what she does. I feel blessed to have heard this album. It's flawless. Thank You Alyssa! Jun 10
  • Chad said:
    the fl0w in breakOUT is flawless. Jun 03
  • Chad said:
    "Family" alm0sT g0t me 2 tears....wicked written skills Alyssa Marie. Jun 03
  • CAS said:
    HeartBeat made my Heart Beat ~ UNBELIEVABLE!!! Jun 03
  • Chad said:
    in luv with this sound. Jun 03