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Always Inside

Do they know you are the something?


Genres: Indie / Emo / Powerpop

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Stats: 397 fans / 55,714 plays / 20 plays today





4 tracks

Members: JIN, Wook, WH

Welcome - thank you for your visit on here. we may have very special connection through music now!

---------Always Inside's take on music ----------

Art absolutely comes from subjectivity and ended up communication which connects hearer and musician.

Of course recording technic is important part of music but it's defined to creative skill .

And the last thing that we wanna tell is - Art has to be rooted in inmost spirit and impressed open ways like reflective fresh water.



contact - quaizeria@naver.com


  • Anyssa said:
    aw i like this May 05
  • picket_fences said:
    i like it. Apr 07
  • Richard said:
    Hiii Good songs and good band, congratulations, I have a question Could you tell me which sound effect did you use for the seconds "chorus voice" in the song "slow motion" ? please I wanna do a recording from one of my songs with that voice effect, if you wanna you could write me to my private mail argut28@hotmail.com Greetings from Peru Oct 14
  • Gianni Massaro said:
    Hello! We're an indie rock band from Virginia, and we really dig your tunes. ROCK ON!! Much love, http://www.purevolume.com/thesaltineproject Sep 07
  • MAJESTY said:
    안녕하세요~ 쌈사페에 올리신 곡 듣고 왔습니다~ 쌈사페에 올리신 음원 음질이 쫌 아쉬원는데 여기 와보니 제대로 된 음원으로 들을 수 잇어서 넘 좋네요~ㅎ 정말 음악들이 제 맘에 쏙 듭니다~ㅎㅎ Jun 29
  • McFillly said:
    If I could download your songs, I would probably explode from the sheer awesomeness of your musical talent. Your music is like a group of magical unicorns having an angelic slumber party in my ears. - Nate C. Dec 29
  • the real you. said:
    nice music mate! merry xmas btw Dec 24
  • Mike XD said:
    awesome view on music man and pretty good tunes too. Dec 22
  • Choi said:
    Hallo,ich bin alte Fan. Wunderbare Musik! Mach's gut! Dec 12
  • Thaís said:
    ótimaaa músicaaaa great musiccc luv it Jul 19
  • dontdrinkthatwine said:
    heeeeeey ohhh, GRRREEEEAAAATTT. u're IMF lo améee :D Jul 14
  • Samuel said:
    Great music. Jul 13
  • graceÜ said:
    Always Inside의 음악가 더블 짱~ Jul 11
  • Babycakes said:
    so yu guys are slightly amazing?(: Jul 10
  • abbeyrose said:
    awesome music Jul 09

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