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Almost Gold


Genres: Pop / Pop Punk / Powerpop

Location: Boston, MA

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4 tracks

Members: Sean Mulligan, Tony Bush, Daniel Flink, Michael Rogers

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When I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted to name my new project Almost Gold, I shared it with a few of my friends. One of them told me that it was the true cynic in me showing through. The funny thing about that is, I kind of thought it revealed the budding optimist. Maybe they thought I was being tongue in cheek about pseudo success from my former band, but in my own mind, I had new songs, new life, and new opportunities that excited me greatly. I guess if there is one truth realized in this type of exchange there's no escaping who you really are.

But with the realization that there is no escape from your true identity, comes an acceptance that those who embrace it will be down until the bitter end. And with that revelation, I bring you the rest of Almost Gold in the form of Sean Mulligan, Daniel Flink, and Michael Rogers. I draw from whatever source of inspiration is at my disposal, and with these three individuals nearest and dearest, I draw a great deal. I couldn't/wouldn't do it without them. Enjoy the tunes. We're not trying to change the world, just trying to change yours.

-Tony, Almost Gold


  • roxyyy(: said:
    awesome music, (: Feb 14
  • Maria said:
    i like it(: Dec 04
  • just a little unwell said:
    more songs that are downloadableeee:) love ur music Nov 01
  • Sean McCann said:
    sounds awsome one of the best groups Aug 06
  • Britt said:
    once again i LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys and please please please make "I Know It Too Well" downloadable :) pretty please Jul 06
  • Dita said:
    hey, check out my side project called Crown Ether at http://purevolume.com/CrownEther, thanks! May 06
  • christineclandestine said:
    heyy :) how are you? Apr 22
  • Deadman_Living said:
    i like your voice! Mar 19
  • Deadman_Living said:
    ha i love it! Mar 19
  • Connie said:
    you guys rock! =) Mar 02
  • Ami (Ah-mee) said:
    I love you guys! Feb 20
  • Middle-Aged Snow Day said:
    Hmm too bad this band just died. Same 4 songs for a year and a half. There myspace is dead too with nothing new going on. I really like their music too but I guess its just really hard to be noticed in the music industry :( Jan 23
  • Ben said:
    How would you guys like to play in CT? It's a train ride away. If you're interested in a gig or an interview or telephone interview, email me at bmeyerswwpt@gmail.com --Ben Meyers Head of Music WWPT Westport: www.wwptfm.com Jan 11
  • Jon said:
    i like this music :) Dec 21
  • TBR said:
    nice guys =) Hey click my profile to peep my tunes! Recently featured on AP.net! Dec 21

Almost Gold Demos

Aug 25, 2008

Earl Reed

Basildon, United Kingdom

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Mobile, AL


Leicester, United Kingdom


Beverly Hills, CA


Stockholm, Sweden


Cavite, Philippines



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