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Genres: Hip Hop / Electronic

Location: Kapp Heights, PA

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Allistair is a project that began in a living room, and evolved into an explosive live act full of energy and ambience. Since then, Allistair has crossed state lines, lost amplifiers, broken microphones, and had alot of fun. Zander is the mind behind the music and live show, while his friends help him out playing live. He and his bandmates have hit the stages at Creation Festival 2011 and 2012, Purple Door Festival, and have played with great acts like Emery, Hawk Nelson, Sent by Ravens, House of Heroes, Coastal Rise, Icon For Hire, Skyhawk Drive, The Almost, and more, having a killer time every time they play. Their EP, "Feed The White Dog Love" is in production and is scheduled to be released in Spring 2013. Their first 2 singles, 'Boomerang!' and 'Lucky' are on iTunes and Spotify after February 5th. Come out to a show, grab a shirt, get a high five, talk to one of them. They love making new friends...especially their guitarist. He just eats it up. Really, run up to him and give him an entirely-too-long hug. But seriously, they are here to have fun, make music you love, and their hope is to inspire you, and to show others how good God can be.



Feed The White Dog Love.

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Decatur, IL

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