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What to do if your child has ADHD?

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ADHD is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. If a child is hyperactive, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that child has ADHD. It seems that hyperactive children have limitless energy, they are always running, jumping or enjoying in some other activity, they don’t like to just stand still and do nothing. Teachers usually dread having a child like this in their classroom.

It is believed that if a child is hyperactive, it must be because of ADHD, but this is not true. Hyperactivity is not the only symptom. Besides being hyperactive, a child with this disorder shows signs of impulsivity and distractibility. It is a medical illness, and it includes behavioral, emotional and academic symptoms. A child with ADHD will try to focus too much on everything, yet concentrate on virtually nothing at all.

Boys are more often affected by hyperactivity than girls. Although many people think that ADHD is a consequence of too much television, too much video games or poor parenting, it is not true. It is a hereditary condition, so at least one, if not both, parent also has the disorder. Often parents don’t even know they have it, they find it out when their child is diagnosed with it.

ADHD is, in most cases, followed by other conditions, such as a conduct disorder or a learning disorder. If you think that your child might have it, find a mental health professional, who has experience with diagnosing and treating the disorder. There is no single test that can determine if your child has the disorder or not, medical examination needs to be done so that other possible causes of the ADHD-like symptoms could be ruled out. The specialist will schedule an interview to talk about child’s behavior, medical history, and to ask you about any upsetting events like divorce, a death in the family or changing schools, that could be the cause of symptoms that mimic ADHD.

If it turns out your child definitely has ADHD disorder, medications will be used for treating the disorder. But, medications shouldn’t be your first choice. Try using natural supplements for ADHD, changing the child’s diet, teaching them relaxation techniques, or getting them involved in competitive sports. It is always better to try to treat ADHD naturally. Some food additives, poor nutrition and refined sugar can increase the symptoms of the disorder, so avoid all that. If nothing else helps, you have no other choice than to try with medications.


Posted Apr 11, 2016 at 8:29am