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Aislinn Grant

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Genres: Acoustic / Pop

Location: Calgary, AB

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I have decided to forgo writing this bio in the 3rd person. I will share with you what I know about myself as a musician- and you can do with this information what you like.

... What kind of music do I make? I will tell you what kind of music I ASPIRE to make. I like many different types of music, so I can only guess that the music I make will be very different styles (given that I am able to acquire all the instruments that I need). I want to make music that makes you smile in your car, and then laugh because you realized what made you smile. I also want to make music that makes you so emotional that your body feels heavy, and your eyes start involuntarily fill with liquid- not out of sadness. I also want to make music that you listen to over and over again trying to understand why it may have been written, and then eventually give up because you realize it was written so that each person that listened to it can associate it with something different. I want to make music that an 10 year old could listen to and appreciate, but a 65 year old could sit and listen to and not assume I'm a hooligan.

There is a feeling I get when I listen to certain tunes, that I can only attempt to describe. It's not an emotion that has a name, just a stew of the ones that make you feel like you've been winded. Cinematic Orchestra- To Build A Home. Bon Iver- Skinny Love. Imogen Heap- Hide and Seek. Wonderwall (Ryan Adams version).
These are a few of the songs that give me this feeling. Feel free to look these up if you haven't already heard them. I hope you will feel the way I feel when I listen to these. Although- then you may have indescribable urge to quit your current lifestyle to become a musician.


  • emve said:
    yah your voice blew me away Nov 17
  • KayLeigh Baird said:
    holy beautiful voice! Jan 27
  • Мирко Ламонт said:
    From san francisco California we enjoy all these rad tunes... awesome production, everything sounds amazing!! congrats! http://www.purevolume.com/elandrocefalo ^ ^ Jan 08
  • Chance_of_Rain said:
    Fortune Teller is really pretty. Good stuff =) Apr 18
  • Yusrian Taufan said:
    Check out this band, you'll like it! http://www.purevolume.com/MerahMaroonBand thank's Apr 12
  • Foxy said:
    hye aislinn, realy love your songs and your voice is amazing! good work :D Apr 06
  • K3LS3YKRUNKD00D!™ said:
    Check out my music page! http://www.purevolume.com/ValkyrieSky (: Oct 23
  • dicky said:
    nice song.. ;) Oct 21
  • Sully Garcia said:
    Oct 20
  • kaka said:
    sweet music! :) Oct 14
  • Alyooops! said:
    Im jealous , you have a beautiful voice :D Oct 12
  • Morrissgregory said:
    Oh, and I never thought for a moment that you were a hooligan. Oct 11
  • Morrissgregory said:
    Aislinn, I listen after a stress-filled afternoon, trying to shake off the axe-man who chops at the soul - too, dramatic, I know, but I sigh and your voice loosens the tension on the strings, then I sigh again and all of that stress begins to fall away. Really, really sweet, nasty, coy and truthful. Oct 11
  • ♥Naomi♥ said:
    wow i meant there..haha Oct 11
  • ♥Naomi♥ said:
    Fortune teller sounds like a song i would hear on a show when something sad happens. i love your voice! Their is definitely strong emoition is your music.nice! Oct 11

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