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Agony In The Garden

Agony In The Garden


Genres: Alternative / Rock / Progressive

Location: Dayton, OH

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4 tracks

Members: Mack (Vox,Guitar) Brandon (Guitar,Vox) Daniel (Bass) Bobby (Drums)

Agony's beginning echoes honor to those who would challenge the sun. Though our overture reflects the eternal dream the sleeper has awakened. As we bore witness to this paradox the logic is ill refute.


Mack (The Shield), the vocal enigma possessing a most exquisite range. A voice so powerful, ferrying infinity to it's end. Wielding legendary guitar skills, rhythm and licks cold enough to freeze the flames of hell. The unbreakable shield.

Brandon (The Juggernaut), imbued with guitar and vocal skills nurtured by a soul set ablaze like so much molten rock. The path is made, cut with an eerie precision burning with a sound that leaves nothing but ash in the wake of this juggernaut.

Daniel (The Hammer), splitting the very skies. Crushing the sound barrier beneath foot bass in hand. This sonic harrier opens the heavens leaving no footprints in the snow. The personification of the storm bringer himself. Let the hammer fall.

Bobby (The Maelstrom), quaking the earth to the core. Rocking the very pillars of our foundation one mighty strike at a time. The maker of dust and fragments. Shatters reality within the blink of an eye for he is time's keeper. Behold the maelstrom.

Lyrics that could only be written in the stones, they will echo through eternity and well beyond. Enter our coliseum, let it begin.



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Jul 15, 2013


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