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Agony In The Garden

Agony In The Garden


Genres: Metal / Rock / Alternative

Location: Dayton, OH

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4 tracks

Members: Mack (Vox, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Songwriter, Composer)

Agony's beginning echoes honor to those who would challenge the sun. Though our overture reflects the eternal dream the sleeper has awakened. As we bore witness to this paradox the logic is ill refute.

Lyrics that could only be written in the stones, they will echo through eternity and well beyond. Enter our coliseum, let it begin. Submerged in a rich sound filled musical background ranging from Blues to Metal, combining these multifaceted influences to create a wall of sound engulfing the listener at the event horizon and never letting go.

Agony's members are:
Mack Perry - Founder, Vocalist, Guitarist, Bassist & Drummer for recording and compositional purposes, Composer and Writer.

Agony's music was introduced to the world in April of 2013, taking the music community by storm, proving to be an unmovable force to be reckoned with. Fans worldwide were highly anticipating Agony's new EP release.

Just two months after releasing the single Wayward One Mack was signed with Sunny Dragon Records/Studios. February 2014 becoming an independent artist. October 2014 Mack/Agony received a sponsorship with Band-Brand. May of 2015 Agony premiered its first EP Where Olympus Dwells and the single Rain. May 18th 2015 Mack/Agony received a sponsorship from WT. Foster Guitars. On June 9th he received sponsorship from Cape Whoopies.

Agony's music has received excellent reviews from tastemakers and critics the like.

Unlike any Alternative Metal, Rock you will ever hear, join Mack in the garden for a bit of Agony.




May 12, 2015

Where Olympus Dwells

May 01, 2015


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