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Academy of Angels


Genres: Acoustic / Rock / Alternative

Location: Melbourne, Australia

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4 tracks

Members: Vocals: Tori, Lead Guitar: Drew, Rhythm Guitar: Travis, Bass: Adam, Drums: ???

Hello All!
Welcome the Academy of Angels Purevolume site

We're an Australian acoustic/rock/Alternative quintet from Melbourne, Victoria. We are all still at school with four of us in high school and Drew in Uni. we're a pretty laid back band and love jamming in our little garage space. We formed originally in 2008 with 6 members however we reformed earlier this year about mid march when we found our singer Tori.

Our main influences are...
• Panic! At The Disco
• Karnivool
• Skillit
• Nickelback
• Linkin Park
• Paramore

Our covers are...
• We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands- The Academy Is...
• Crush, crush, crush - Paramore
• Ain't Life Grand- Slash's Snakepit
and their may be more to come we're not to sure yet. any requests we are willing to take as well so message us if you want to contribute to the set list.

We hope you guys enjoy our music, please feel free to become a listener we're running low on listeners at the moment

Until next time...
Academy of Angels

You can also find us on...

turns out the name change thing was a total waist of time. why? simple because we took a vote, and everyone of us voted for the old name. it apears that we love this name more then we anticpated

however we would still love to thank everyone who gave us name sugestions some of them have been used as titles for songs and future EP's/ LP's
one outstanding name being Autume Eyes (I apologise if I spelt it wrong- Tori) we still would love to hear from all of you and we are sorry if it takes us a little longer to get back to you as we are working really hard at writting and recording and working in general. peace and luv
Thanx a bunch guys we love you

We now haveour new Drummer Aydin Sekman
god he is crazy good! we wil be worig hard to get some proper music on here for you to enjoy


  • Patrick said:
    you guys rock! got a couple of drummer guys lined up that i will speak to for you see if they are interested. peace. :) Jun 11
  • swfdBC-3 said:
    Hey, you guys are very good and very talented. Great Job Oct 14


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