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How Paper Shredding Services Work And Their Benefits To Businesses

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How Paper Shredding Services Work As well as their Benefits To Businesses

We live in the Digital Age, but businesses continue to use hard copy documents in their day-to-day operations. Because of this, it's important for businesses to ensure that these documents are secure and secure. They can�t find a way to let their documents containing sensitive information to fall within the wrong hands as they possibly can be used for criminal activities including fraud and id theft. One way to avoid all this is through the help of professional paper shredding services. In terms of paper shredding, businesses can choose from basically two types of services. ATI Secure Docs - Austin Location

1. On-site paper shredding.

When you purchase on-site paper shredding, an organization representative will schedule a specific day and time after they will send a mobile shredding truck to your location. All the documents you wish to be destroyed will probably be collected. These documents will probably be then fed into a powerful shredder based in the truck. Heavy duty shredders can hold extremely large volumes of documents. Some can shred up to 5000 pounds hourly.

A security camera is placed in such a way as to allow you to watch the heavy duty shredder in action. Through this, you are able to guarantee that your documents are, indeed, destroyed. Once the process of shredding is finished, you will be given a piece of paper of Destruction. The shredded pieces are usually taken into a recycling facility. On-site paper shredding can be a very convenient and cost-effective method to destroy documents containing sensitive information.

2. Off-site paper shredding.

This kind of paper shredding service almost works much the same way as the first one. The shredding company will provide you with specialized containers. You may then put the documents you need to dispose of in these containers. The organization will pick up these containers and drive them to their facility. They have security cameras set up in their shredding facility so that you can watch the process of shredding your documents.

Following your process is complete, you will end up provided a Certificate of Destruction. Besides this, you will also be given a report that details all the process, from obtaining the containers and transporting these phones their in-house facility, to shredding the documents and utilizing the shredded pieces with a recycling facility. This can be to help you ensure that they didn�t replace your documents in the process.

Keep in mind that not all paper shredding companies provide you with the same quality of service. There are several that are more thorough within their operations. Paper shredding companies likewise have strict hiring procedures. They understand the importance of hiring employees that can be trusted and relied upon both by the employers and clients. When searching for a company to deal with your paper shredding needs, you need to read reviews and gain as much information as you can before obtaining their services.
Professional paper shredding services allow a company to dispose of their sensitive documents properly. By personally witnessing the shredding procedure, you'll have peace of mind that the documents cannot be reconstructed. Using a document shredding service regularly can be a wise investment to your business. ATI Secure Docs - Austin Location


Posted Aug 20, 2015 at 7:53am