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Genres: Metal

Location: El Paso, TX

Stats: 0 fans / 182 plays / 75 plays today





4 tracks

Release Date: "of Blood and Machine" debut album Released August 2011


Johnny Mo - Drums
Norman Najar - Guitar
Louie Sublasky - Bass
Eric Chaffino - El Gallo


EL Paso, TX


" unrelenting heaviness that carries BEAUTY through melody and BEAST through riffage and ostinato...."
The message delivered is the mantra of ALL THAT BLEEDS. Calling El Paso TX its hometown, this quartet offers no apologies as they deliver their brand of METAL ! Sometimes graceful, other times pummeling, their message is always the same...make it HEAVY, make it BRUTAL and NEVER let up !! Combinin...g a plethora of influences and experiences, ALL THAT BLEEDS are able to present a new take on a scene that demands originality. Musically unrelenting, they maintain a precision and articulation that, while technically satisfying, NEVER loses sight of its purpose...SERVE THE SONG !!! Now with a solidified lineup that finds the band at the height of their talent and creativity, they offer their debut full length OF BLOOD AND MACHINE. Recorded in early 2011 under EXTREME duress, this offering displays the crushing and deliberate force that has made their name recognizable and respected throughout the southwest. Dense guitars and bass lines woven so tightly by design the tones resemble that of a warzone. Furious double bass drum lines carve trenches through the 9 songs as the vocals deliver the summons, then lays waste to the unsuspecting. Carefully selected high profile shows and extreme underground festivals have honed ALL THAT BLEEDS live show into a performance that DEMANDS to be seen. Now with a new found direction that will bring the band to cities far and near, ALL THAT BLEEDS make their claim as a force in a state known for QUALITY METAL ! BEHOLD, a NEW ERA...announce the arrival of the ARCHITECTS of the NEW MACHINE...ALL THAT BLEEDS.




Jul 01, 2011