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99 Burning


Genres: Rock / Grunge / Psychedelic

Location: Baltimore, MD

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Members: D. Eminizer, James Frank, Jon Clark & Jeff Zepp

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Every generation's literature is fueled one way or another by its music. Classic lit grew in an era dominated by classic music, the golden era of the twenties had jazz, and the beats had jazz and rock. My generation had grunge... dispirited, listless, laconic grunge. Welcome to Midnight in America, the story of John Sterling. This is a tragedy from the back of a tour bus. John is a lost suburban orphan exploring existence itself, grabbing the world by the tail and then throwing it all away. Tearing into the darkness of alienation pushed by a crazed creative energy and will to succeed. Join his detached vision of the all consumptive world of rock, lit only by the faint glow of fame and fortune. Feel the high of performing and the euphoria of success accompanied by the hangover called addiction.

John's story races like a two fisted train wreck from his angst riddled youth to his consumptive rise to fame. Along the way he meets the girl of his dreams, goes to extremes to win his love in his all or nothing way, fights inner demons, and struggles to appease his muse. Midnight in America is a CD by 99 Burning and a book by Don Eminizer. Both are on sale now. It will be released the first week of September, 2007.


Meet the Band

99 Burning is a band reignited. In 2006 they reunited after 13 years apart. During those years one member toured for a spell with Johnny Rodz, another wrote a book, went into broadcasting and got published, while others jammed and took their shots in different bands in different projects in different directions. Ultimately, though, there was always a calling to see what they missed out on more than a decade gone by.

After recording one album called She the band self-destructed, living a rock star lifestyle on a working bands budget. Thats a story in and of itself. Don Eminizer, a former pro wrestler, writer, and poet, went on to become a broadcast writer for more than 10 years. During that time he has worked for numerous sports shows, CBS Radio, and a number of regional television series'. He lives in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Back in 1991 he formed the band with James Frank, a guitarist who already had a decade of experience and who had gone to school for broadcasting. After a slew of changing members, an album, their own underground night club, and 2 years as a band, they ended up with a final roster including bassist Jason Young, and drummer Keith Thomas. Shortly thereafter they fell apart. Cut to 13 years later. They reunite and plan a celebration. They decide to make their run a the heavyweight title like an aged Rocky. With families, kids, lives and all, they made a pact to see what would happen if they really tried without all the self inflicted madness that surrounded the first attempt. They put on a festival called 99 Burnings Electric Circus, it was filmed by Skipstone Productions. The goal was to find the mythic American Dream, sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll, make it into a circus. Since then there have been divorces, replacements, rip-offs, and Hollywood. Keith is currently experiencing success with his band, Dead Men Sway. Jason has been forced to focus on his family life and is raising his beautiful daughter. Along comes bassist extraordinaire Jeff Zepp and young drummer phenom Jon Clark. Hell yes. My how things have changed. They've experienced live success and local acclaim, and the music is vibrant and alive. Midnight In America is now complete, the rock trinity, the story, the multi-media, and the live event.

For booking info contact Eddie Addams:
adams880@tampabay.rr.com or (813)765-8878
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  • mawlinn said:
    Just wanted to say I love your music... Favorite song is "TV Child." Was scared I'd no longer find it since it isn't on here but found your website =) Thanks for making music! Mar 15
  • ipromisedu said:
    LOVE UR SONGS!!!! Dec 03
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    We are looking for indie artist of all types to grant permission for their songs to be played on our internet radio station. Our station will go live once we have reach a minimum of 600 songs (Hopefully no later than January 1st). If you would like to grant permission to use your material, please goto the link below and follow the instructions there so that we can getyou on the air. Thanks for your time and look forward to working with you, and feel free to leave any questions for me on our forums. Ozone Program Director http://mmoradio.e107deluxe.org/page.php?5 Nov 11
  • counterculture3 said:
    Add Comment here... Aug 12
  • Stokeycat said:
    When yer down, listen to TV Child, get back up. Apr 24
  • uttu said:
    Add Comment here... May 02
  • oneeyebrowedbaby said:
    Add Comment here... Apr 02
  • Alexanderdeath said:
    whats up? Mar 26
  • kikaria said:
    i love your guys sound. it\'s really differant and therefor really cool. keep it up, your stuff is entertaining. Mar 16
  • Deathofsun said:
    The Doors/ Soundgarden Your really good, keep up the work Mar 11
  • missybreal said:
    Add Comment here... luv the music guys, keep it coming Mar 10
  • lyre the girl in the glass box~ said:
    you have no idea what your music sounds like to me its like being reserected love it~lyre Feb 23


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