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4th & Green


Genres: Rock / Alternative

Location: Addison, IL

Stats: 306 fans / 41,796 plays / 37 plays today





4 tracks

Members: We were: Joe/Jimmy/John/Rich/Ryan/Kimi


-Jimmy's (Sunrume)

-Richard's (T.B.D.E.)

-Joe's (Self-Captive)

Check them out!
Also 4th & Green will be having a reunion show some time this summer!

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4th & Green would like to thank all that check out the site and support us.


  • murmi said:
    Top of the Line is very disconcerting to me, does any one else get the feeling they think girls aren't worth anything if they don't "give" something? I mean what exactly was she doing while she was wasting his time? Trying to be his friend maybe? There was no indication in my ears that she was using him or leading him on just spending time with him? Is that supposed to be a crime? Sep 26
  • youthinkyouknow said:
    You guys rock! You have a great sound, catchy lyrics, and all that jazz. Cast for the broken heart= stuck in my head a lot. I love it!!! Jun 22
  • Jerico said:
    good guys http://www.purevolume.com/okidoky_rock http://www.purevolume.com/romobe http://www.purevolume.com/mxpx http://www.purevolume.com/strappingyounglad Feb 11
  • sunriselove said:
    you guys are amazing.. i love crafted words and make believe.. do you ever do shows in new jersey? Jan 27
  • SolaceInTurmoil said:
    You guys write really great music. I really like it. Dec 09
  • selma said:
    cast for the broken heart is amazing, your vocals are amazing in it jimmy it shows how hard you guys work, awesome job. esp to kimi on the pianoooo! =) Oct 30
  • slinkman said:
    please make all ur songs downloadable ur one my favorite bands so please make all ur songs downloadable...for the fans Oct 27
  • Rollinonacrf230 said:
    Hey You Guys are pretty good by anyones standards keep up the good work Sep 29
  • DannyBoy34 said:
    hey your song \"This is Heavy, Doc\" is awsome. Hope yall make a record deal....cuz we got ur back down here in Texas! Sep 29
  • slinkman said:
    u guys should make all your songs downloadable because you guys are great Sep 22
  • said:
    You guys so totally rock but seriously how old are you you look like junior high kids but you sing like high schoolers Jul 30
  • said:
    rely greattt shit uve got Jul 18
  • XxThisDayTillTommorowxX said:
    wow you music is great i love the first to songs May 31
  • Wishingwell said:
    lol i live in little rock arkansas....anyway i could still get a shirt me and all my friends think yall r awesome....check out my band half passed noon and the alamo were not as good and we have diffrent type music but yea just check it out i guess and keep up the work May 13
  • FireEyedChic said:
    HEY Jimmy can i have a T??? Apr 12

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