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Currently working on new music for 2010!


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Ambient

Location: Evansville, IN

Stats: 1,743 fans / 223,358 plays / 174 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Brett Lasher | Scott Hubiak | Bryce Werner | AJ Linberg (2001-2008) | Zeb Hargis (2008-2009)

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4-Seamer's New EP:
"Your Land. My Land."
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Brett Lasher- vocals/ guitar (2001-present)

Scott Hubiak- guitar (2001-present)

Bryce Werner- bass (2001-present)

AJ Linberg- drums (2001-2008)

Zeb Hargis- drums/ vocals (2008-2009)


  • imachocolover111 said:
    Whats up? Apr 22
  • Stifler Jr. said:
    dead end, where do you go? all time favorite song keep up the good work Jan 04
  • megan|leigh said:
    cannot wait for the album Dec 09
  • Capital_M-E said:
    liked you guys back then still do Oct 19
  • TranslatingTheName said:
    ahhhh u guys are growing for sure, keep it up. Never Felt So Right is your best stuff yet. Oct 18
  • b-rock said:
    you guys are soo sick i love the song welcome wagon Jul 26
  • Michel said:
    Come to DC Jun 27
  • sugarmesweetgrl0 said:
    im still listening 8) Jun 23
  • Puff The Magic Bryttni said:
    Tour to SC =). I love you guys. Apr 15
  • KinkyKalen said:
    i l-o-v-e your guys' music! cant wait to see you at BONEY JUNES! see ya soon ;) -kalen- Mar 11
  • theusual908 said:
    I love your music.....you should come to New Jersey soon! Dec 23
  • tha407punk said:
    Nice stuff Dec 13
  • Guild Radio said:
    We are looking for indie artist of all types to grant permission for their songs to be played on our internet radio station. Our station will go live once we have reach a minimum of 600 songs (Hopefully no later than January 1st). If you would like to grant permission to use your material, please goto the link below and follow the instructions there so that we can getyou on the air. Thanks for your time and look forward to working with you, and feel free to leave any questions for me on our forums. Ozone Program Director http://mmoradio.e107deluxe.org/page.php?5 Nov 11
  • hannah.hafegale said:
    You are so great I love your songs! Nov 08
  • cwb16 said:
    u dudes need to come out to MN sometime Oct 27


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